chapter 5
operating system
coordinates the flow of data and information through the computer by coordinating the hardware, software, user interface, processor, and systems memory.
Device Manager
when your computer is in safe mode, you can use this to view and change the properties of all devices attached to the computer
Device Driver
each device attached to your computer comes with a special program called this. Facilitates the communication between the device and the OS
File Path
the location of a file is specified by this
the basic input/output system is stored here
example of an application software
features of the program of the operating system that allows the user to communicate with the computer system.
scientific instruments
an example of where real-time operating systems can be found.
program that manages the data between the operating system and all input and output devices attached to the system.
graphical user
Microsoft Windows and Mac OS use this type of interface (GUI)
the bars on the side and bottom of the screen that control which part of the screen is displayed are called this
arranging separate windows so they sit next to each other on the screen
Operating system software
the most essential software in your computer system is this
The OS allows you to organize your files in this structure
Removal of spyware
Not a function of the operating system.
part of the boot process that determines whether the peripheral devices are working properly.