Ecce Romani Chapter 27 Vocab

23 terms by mzang2

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signum, signi n.


feriae, feriarum


factio, factionis f.

company, group

spina, spinae f.

barrier at the circus

mulier, mulieris f.


curriculum, curriculi n.

race track, course

quadriga, quadrigae f.

4 horsed chariots

meta, metae f.

post, marker

mappa, mappae f.

cloth, napkin

russatus, -a, -um


prasinus, -a, -um


albatus, -a, -um


venetus, -a, -um


is, ea, id

he, she, it


himself, herself, itself

meus, -a, -um

mine, my

tuus, -a, -um


noster, nostra, nostrum


vester, vestra, vestrum


suus, -a, -um

his own, her own, its own

faveo, favere, favi, fautus +dat.

to give favor to, favor, support

deverto, devertere, deverti, deversus

to turn aside

vinco, vincere, vici, victus

to conquer, win

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