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Career Orientation Arkansas Frameworks


a program in which a person learns to do a certain job by working with a skilled worker

Associate degree

a certificate of completion awarded to a person after completing a program of study in a particular area, usually lasting two years

Bachelor's degree

a certificate of completion awarded to a person after successfully completing a required set of college courses in both general and specific areas.


unit of measurement that schools use to determine whether students are progressing toward graduation


a course that is not required but can be chosen by students according to their interests

Financial aid

methods of paying for education/training, such as grants, scholarships, etc.

GED certificate

a document stating that a person has passed a five-part test in the areas of writing, social studies, science, reading, and math

Graduate school

a program of study beyond a bachelor's degree


a temporary paid or unpaid position that involves direct work experience in a career field

On-the-job training (OJT)

learning on the job

Postsecondary education

any education or training following high school


a course that is required before another course can be taken


the fee that colleges charge to take their classes


a course or program that teaches job skills

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