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Which of the following is a characteristic shared by most present-day foragers?

They live in marginal environments

Which of the following statements about shifting cultivation is true?

It requires cultivators to let exhausted plots of land lie fallow for several years.

Which of the following is not one of the adaptive strategies included in Cohen's typology?


All humans were foragers until approximately...

10,000 years ago

Which of the following groups are not foragers?

Basseri (Iran) or Australian aborigines

What kind of social unity is common among foragers?


An obligatory interaction between groups or organisms that is beneficial to each is known as...


Horticulture makes intensive use of...

None of the factors of production

Which of the following is a characteristic of most foraging societies?


Agricultural intensification is not associated with...

Greater ecological diversity

Which of the following is associated with horticultural systems of cultivation?

Slash-and-burn techniques

Transhumance is a form of...


Means of production include...

Land, Labor, and Technology

Which of the following statements about agriculturalists is true?

They use their land intensively and continuously

What term refers to the type of pastoral economy in which the entire group moves with the animals throughout they year?


Which of the following is found in all human societies?

Gender-based division of labor

How does horticulture differ from agriculture?

Agriculture frequently involves the use of terraces, while horticulture does not.

What is a mode of production?

The way production is organized in a society

When a tenant farmer giver 20 percent of his crop to his landlord, he is allocating resources to a...

Rent Fund

In what sense are nonindustrial economies embedded in society?

Relations of production, distribution, and consumption are social relations with economic aspects

According to Aihwa Ong, spirit possessions of female factory workers in Malaysia is...

An unconscious protect against stressful and exploitve working conditions

The term alienation is used to describe what phenomenon in industrial economies?

The separation of workers from things they produce

All peasants...

Produce food without elaborate technology

When an individual gives something to someone else but expects nothing in return, this is an example of...

Generalized reciprocity

Which of the following is not associated with the market principle?

Fixed value for products or industrialism

If rights to land are passed on through descent groups, what type of adaptive strategy is most likely?

Nonindustrial food producing

Paying taxes is an example of...


What is a potlatch?

A festive event where the sponsors give away gifts and gain prestige in return

When the author began researching among the Betsileo in Madagascar, why did the villagers run away from him

They thought he was a vampire

How has the Betsileo of Madagascar view of money changed since Kottak first visited them?

They formerly felt they had everything they needed, but now many people desire cash

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