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20 mph

How fast can you drive in a school zone?

Look, listen and slow down; be ready to stop if a train comes.

What should you do if you see a railroad crossing sign?

Same as a stop sign

What does a flashing red light mean?

Light will turn red; stop, unless you are too far into the intersection.

What does a steady yellow light mean?

Slow down and proceed with caution.

What does a flashing yellow light mean?

you are not allowed to pass.

A solid yellow line in your lane means...

you are on a two-way road (traffic going in opposite directions).

A yellow center line, dashed or solid, means...

you are on a one-way road (traffic going in the same direction).

A white dashed center line means...

you must drive at a speed that is reasonable and cautious for existing conditions.

The Basic Rule:

the maximum speed considered safe for the area under ideal conditions.

The speed limit is...

drivers following too closely

The number one cause of rear-end crashes

two to four seconds behind the car in front of you

The safe following distance is...

at least 100 feet

How far before turning should you use your turn signal?

turn into the closest legal lane in the direction you want to go

General rule for turning:

just to the right of the center line.

When turning into a street, drive...

any vehicles already on the road.

When you enter a freeway or other highway, give the right of way to...

straight ahead.

When preparing to make a left turn, keep your wheels pointed...

human error

Most common cause of traffic crashes

pull into a rest station and sleep.

If you are sleepy while driving you should...


True or false: it is safe to wear headphones while driving.

at least 10 seconds

You should scan the driving scene how far ahead?

glancing over your left shoulder.

When turning left, check your blind spot by...

slow down to encourage the tailgater to pass you.

If a vehicle behind you is following to closely, you should...

getting out and walking behind the vehicle to check for children, pets or toys.

Before you back up, make sure it is safe by...

help prevent a collision.

You should only use your horn to...

ignore their gestures, avoid eye contact, don't return aggressive behavior.

When you are near an aggressive driver, you should...


If you are driving below the speed of traffic, which lane should you use?

Move to the right shoulder or emergency stopping area. Stay in or near the car.

If you have vehicle trouble on the freeway, what should you do?

500 feet.

Turn of your brights when a vehicle is within...

Late at night.

The chances of a serious or fatal crash are greatest at what time?


True or false: it is illegal to play the radio so that it can be heard 50 feet or more away from your car.

stop, and stay stopped until they reach the other sidewalk.

If a pedestrian with a white cane is crossing the street, you should...


Can you pass a vehicle that is stopped at a crosswalk?

children are arriving/leaving the bus or school.

When yellow lights are blinking on a school bus or school crossing sign, it means...


True or false: you can cross a bike lane, but never drive in it.

farm equipment, motorized scooters/wheelchairs, or official duty vehicles (such as for delivering mail).

The only motor vehicles that can briefly drive in a bicycle lane are:

drivers failing to yield right of way, or making a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle.

What is the most frequent cause of collisions between motorcycles and cars?

stop before reaching the bus; remain stopped until the lights are off.

When a school bus is flashing red lights or has a red stop sign lowered, you should...

you are on the other side of a divided highway separated by a physical barrier.

You do not have to stop for a school bus only if...

immediately drive as far to the right as possible and STOP until the vehicle has passed.

When you hear or see an emergency vehicle:


The number one cause of crashes in Oregon work zones:

In construction/work zones, at all times, whether or not there are posted signs.

In Oregon, when do traffic fines double for all traffic offenses?

ANY amount

How much alcohol does it take to impair your ability to drive?

you will consent to a breath, blood or urine test if you are asked by a police officer.

Oregon's implied consent law means...

One year

If you are convicted of DUI for the first time, how long will you lose driving priveleges?

stop at once, render aid, and exchange information.

If you have a traffic crash or collision, you must...

Your driving privileges will be suspended.

If you do not report a crash to the DMV within 72 hours, what will happen?

you will have to maintain proof of future financial responsibility with DMV for three years.

Oregon's future financial responsibility law means...

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