14 terms

Series and parallel Circuits 4th grade

one item on a circuit. example a light bulb or a motor
electric current
comes from an energy source
energy sources
d-cell battery,a solar cell,or a wall socket
an incomplete circuit
one d battery one wire and a light bulb
complete circuit or a closed circuit
one wire connects the base lightbulb to one end of the D-cell. the second wire connects the metal casing of the light bulb to the other end of the D-cell. this result in a bright shining lightbulb
contact points
the place on a D-cell and lightbulb were wires touch the component are called contact point.
incomplete circuit
a circuit with a break or an open circuit
parallel circuit
bright light
parallel circuit
each light bulb has its own pathway to the source of electricity
parallel circuit
the energy will drain much faster when it supplies energy to two light bulbs
series circuit
dim lights
series circuit
the current flows from first lightbulb then goes second lightbulb. sharing the cell or the source of electricity
series circuit
cell last longer
control flow of electricity