Biology- DNA History/ Photo 51


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Who were the two leading DNA scientists in this field?
James Watson and Fransis Crick
What was ROsalind Franklin trying to do at the same time as Watson and Crick?
Solve the puzzle of DNA
In what year did Watson and Crick receive the Nobel Prize?
What is the title of James Watson's book?
The Double Helix
What year and where was Rosalind Franklin born?
1920, London
What college did Rosalind Franklin attend?
What were Rosalind's first experiments concerned with and how did they contribute to the war effort?
X-ray diffraction- better gas masks
Where did Rosalind work when she later moved to Paris and what did she perfect when she worked there?
Laboratoire center
What often forced Rosalind to suspend her work for weeks at a time?
When she exceeded the x-ray exposure amounts