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Steps of scientific method

1)purpose 2)research 3)hypothesis 4)experiment 5) analysis 6)conclusion

event taking place in the world led scientists to study the natural world in the mid 1500s

the age of exploration

Who invented the first periodic table

Dmitri Mendeleev

beliefs of Tycho Brahe

said sun revolved around the Earth- but other plantes revolved around the sun, set out to prove Copernicus wrong bu his findings proved him right

proposed geocentric theory


wrote a book supporting heliocentric theory


wrote the without government peoples lives were solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short


Slogan expressed outrage of leaders in response to stamp act

"No taxation without representation"

new way of thinking emerged in mid-1500's

scientific revolution

traditional authorities that people looked to for answers about the world prior to the scientific revolution

the church

posed a new theory that brought him into direct conflict with the church


argued that people had a right to overthrow a government that does not protect their rights

John Locke

wrote "man is free but everywhere is in chains"


why did american colonists object to the stamp act

colonial leaders were upset that parliament tea taxed them without representatives

why did the sons of liberty dump tea into the boston harbor

to protest a new tea taz which was imposed by Parliament

new approach allowed scholars to gain new scientific knowledge

scientific method

wrote first draft of the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson

why did delegates meet at a Constitutional Convention in 1787?

because they needed a new form of government

why was the Bill of rights added to the Constitution

they wanted protection from individuals rights to be added to the constitution

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