Freedom Writers Quiz


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Who did the student's refer to as their fearless leader?
A. Miep
B. Zlata
C. Ms. Gruwell
D. Richard Riley
What incident changed Wilson Hish School?
A. A bombing that killed over 200 people
B. The Rodney King violence
C. An unpeaceful protest
What class did Ms. Gruwell teach freshman year?
A. Sophmore Biology
B. Junior English
C. Freshman English
D. French
How di the class come on the subject of the Holocaust?
A. Ms. Gruwell brought in Anne Franks book
B. Someome drew something tjhat resembled what Germans did to Jews
C. A student introduced himself and added that he was jewish
What did Ms. Gruwell make her students do daily?
A. Write in thier journals
B. Water her plants
C. Recite poems
D. Smile
When did Ms. Gruwell begin teaching?
A. 1997
B. 1994
C. 1990
D. 1995
How long did she teach her kids from freshman year?
A. Just Freshmanyear
B. Freshman and Sophomore
C. Freshman and Junior
D. All four years
What was the point of the line game?
A. To show the kids she can be fun and hip
B. To show how they're not so different
C. To get them to have fun
How did they decide on the name " Freedom Writers" ?
A. Freedom Riders
B. it was original
C. She told the kids what to put
How many Freedom Writers graduated?
A. All except 2
B. All of them
C. All except 1
D. None of them
What was on the note that Ms. Gruwell picked up?
A. A love letter
B. Homework answers
C. Something inappropriate for class
D. It was blank
What is the name of the school?
A. Wilson High school
B. Tomler High School
C. William High School
Where was the school located?
A. Rhode Island
B. California
C. Alabama
C. Louisiana
What was the purpose of those Journals?
A. To make fun of people behind thier back
B. To pass it around during class
C. To write down feelings and fears and experiences
What was the reason they had a "Read-a-thon"?
A. To help their skills
B. Make ms. Gruwell happy
C. They were bored
D. To make money for Miep Gies
When they received the award, where did they travel to?
A. Los Angeles
B. Kentucky
C. New York
D. Canada
How did all of the Freedom Writers pass and go to college?
A. Ms. Gruwell's dedication and perseverance
B. Cheating
C. Copying all the answers
D. Asking for a new teacher
Where did all of their writingss in the journals go to?
A. The school paper
B. The news articles
C. The Freedom Writers Diary
Why did they think they couldnt learn anything from Ms. Gruwell?
A. Because she doesn't have her degree
B. She has never faced what they have faced
C. She was stressed all the time
What did the Freedom Writers do after the first year in college?
A. Travel to Japan
B. Travel to Europe
C.Visit south America
D. Visit south America
In Chapter 5, who said "Who so should be a man, must be a nonconformist"?
A. Thoreau
B. Poe
C. Whitman
D. Emerson
Who were the "Dream Team Mom's"?
A. Mothers of the basketball players.
B. Mothers of the football players.
C. Mothers who adopt the class as their kids.
D. Mothers who bake cookies for teachers.
In chapter 4, What makes Tommy Jefferson, a football player, cry?
A. Zlata's experience.
B. The death of a friend.
C. His father's death.
D. Anne Frank's experience.
What did Miep Gies do?
A. Helped Anne Frank
B. Built the school
C. Made a million dollars
D. Became a english teacher for Ms. Gruwells' class
Was this a Good book?
A. Yes
B. Yes
C. No
D. Both A and B