Myers 10e Chapter 10, Quiz 1 Wrong Question

When retested on the WAIS, people's second scores generally match their first scores quite closely. This indicates that the test has a high degree of
a. reliability.
b. content validity.
c. heritability.
d. predictive validity.
Comparing the academic performance of those whose scores are extremely low on intelligence tests with those whose scores are extremely high is an effective way to highlight the tests'
a. standardization.
b. heritability.
c. reliability.
d. validity.
Comparing the intelligence test scores among people from distinctly different age cohorts requires
a. factor analysis.
b. cross-sectional studies.
c. heritability estimates.
d. longitudinal studies.
Intelligence test scores are LEAST similar for
a. nontwin siblings reared together.
b. fraternal twins reared together.
c. identical twins reared together.
d. identical twins reared apart.
With his concern for "mental orthopedics," Alfred Binet would have been most enthusiastic about
a. eugenics.
b. factor analysis.
c. Head Start programs.
d. the normal curve.