APR Test 3 Chapter 13

Internet- the beginning
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characteristics of the web that helps PR2 way communication update info quickly dig deeper by linking unlimited posting cost effective- dramatically cheaper reach niche audiences WITHOUT gatekeeper media and other users can access organization 24/7 anywhereInteractive website- push and pull conceptsuser PULLS info out traditional media PUSHES info on youWSJ storyexperiment with company response 3 out of 24 companies responded in a day ideally youd respond within 24 hoursWho's in charge of managing a website?Ideally would lie in corporate communicationPR people believe web control.....70 percent believe PR should controlIn reality, web control lies with...IT for technical support Marketing for design HR for legal issueswith the web, a ___ approach is neededweb- we can assemble the message in PR and manage communication but not ALL other aspects of PRWhat are webcasts?any event, live or archived, which involved the transmission of information from a person or organization to a larger audience over the internetwhat percent of companies use webcasts90 percentCMAChocolate Manufacturers Association chocolate samplesBEPUS Bureau of Engraving and Printing 20 billionWhat is social media?describes the online technologies and practices people use to share opinions, insights, experiences and perspectives with each otherWEB 1.0sites that provide infoWEB 2.0interactive sitesRise of social media-- breakdownBlogs Myspace FB YouTube Flickr Texting Twitter Wikis PodcastsBlogs1998- web blogs represent both individuals and organizationshow many blogs are there135 million 7.4 million updated in last 120 dayshow many of americans use blogs as primary income500,0004 keys to organizations' use of blogsreal-time communication enable employees, execs, and customers to talk about organization foster comm among key audiences facilitate interactive comm and feedback3 types of blogs PR deals withOrganizational Blogs- PR writes them Employee Blogs- CEO on down ID themselves within company personal views must be CAUTIOUS Third-Party Blogs- Monitor Ex: Kryptonite Company Develop relationship with key bloggers treat like mediahow many users of FB and myspace500 million as of april 2011 70 percent outside of USFBmost common thing on campus outside of beer critical form of company communicationsocial mediasites are vital for gaining communication customer insights building brand awareness creating customer loyalty Ex: CoorsYouTubeUS users watch more than 3 hours of videos per month Developed by individuals and organizationsYouTube Audience50 percent- 35-64 95 percent of college students regularly viewVideos/Demos of YouTubekey to business Smirnoff, Old SpiceFlickrsharing pictures primarily personal- organizations discouraged from using need to be clever- used as a promo tool key is to focus on generating customer involvement and participation by customers and general public Monterey Aquarium example3 types of organizational texting1) broadcast test brief message and memo 2) subscription user signs up like RSS on computer 3) one-off send text to source to get answerhow many users of cell phones text75 percent text dailyTwitter defform of text messaging 140 characters per tweet has potential for huge consequences web based so posts are indexed by google and available to anyone with internet getting more robust- you can post ANYTHINGwhat percent of fortune 500 CEOs have active twitter accts65 percenttwitter with corpsMUST monitor many companies use it as a pseudo survey tool people can be hired JUST to monitor twitter Red Cross exampleRecommendations for PR use of Twitter**think outside the box- engage avoid bulletin board syndrome don't be a twammer- spamming commit to updates use it in a crisisWikiscollection of webpages that enables anyones who access them to provide input and even modify content invites users to modify any page using basic web browser promote meaningful topic associations among different pages involve visitors in an ongoing process of creation and collaborationPodcast def **digital media file series of such files distributed over the net using RSS for playback on portable media players and personal computers primarily audio- moving to videoAdvantages of podcastscost effective portability 24/7 accessorganizational use of podcastsnews in depth interviews features on products and consumer tips training material for employees Ex: whirlpooltips for podcasts< than 15 minutes use several stories or segments don't use a script RSS feed produce new podcasts weeklyWeb 3.0spoken commandsapps6 billion in 2010 21 billion downloads in 2013how does PR use appsreach audiences ex: Quicken budgeting appcovergenceworld of info and social interaction contained in single device that fits in your pocket