3.1 Vocab

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Contains carbon
What are 4 main organic molecules in living things
Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Nucleic acids
What is "tetravalence" of carbon
Its four bonds.
What shapes can carbon molecules take
Ring, Chains, Double bonds, Branches
Carbon Skeleton
Molecules with carbon at the center.
Picture of amine group.
Image: Picture of amine group.
Picture of carboxyl group
Image: Picture of carboxyl group
Picture of hydroxyl group
Image: Picture of hydroxyl group
Small molecules made from C,H,O,N,P,S.
Large molecules made from bonding many monomers together.
Does DS require/release energy
Requires energy
Does Hydrolysis require/ release energy
release energy
Does DS make/ break polymers
make polymers
Does hydrolysis make/ break polymers
break polymers
Does DS have water as a product/ reactant
Water as a product