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Russell Schultz

In 1775, as conflicts with England intensified, American colonists

were deeply divided about what they were fighting for

Published in January 1776, Common Sense was written by

Thomas Paine

The author of Common Sense

considered the English constitution to be greatest problem facing the colonists.

The Declaration Of Independence

borrowed heavily from previously published colonial documents

Financing the Revolution was difficult for the American side because

hard currency was scarce

The war effort by American colonists would be financed primarily by

borrowing from abroad

As commander of the Continental army, George Washington

was admired, respected, and trusted by nearly all Patriots

At the start of the Revolution, American advantages over the British included a

greater commitment to the war

Which of the following took place during the first phase (1775-1776) of the Revolutionary war?

British troops evacuated Boston

In the Battle of Bunker Hill

the British suffered heavy casualties

During the second phase (1776-1778 of the American Revolution, British military efforts were hampered by

A series of tactical blunderers and misfortunes

When George Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night,1776, he was intent on suprising

The Hessians

Among the following, who was NOT a British general during the American Revolution

Horation Gates

The British military campaigns of 1777 saw

General John Burgoyne suffer a major defeat at Saratoga

During the American Revolution, the Iroquois Confederacy officially

declared its neutrality

In early 1778, France

worried that the United States would quit the war against the British

In the aftermath of the Declaration Of Independence the colonies began to call themselves states, why?

The belief that each was a sovereign entity

Which of the following opposed England during the American Revolution

The Netherlands

In the final phase (1778-1781) of the American Revolution, the British

badly overestimated the support of American Loyalists

As the fighting in the final phase(1778-1781) of the American Revolution carried into communities previously isolated from the war

support for independence greatly increased

Which of the following statements regarding Benedict Arnold is FALSE

Arnold spent the last years of the Revolution as a prisoner of war

Which of the following was a scene of a substantial British victory in the final phase(1778-1781) of the American Revolution


Which of the following statements regarding General Nathaniel Green is FALSE

He led American forcs to victory in the battle at yorktown

The battle of Yorktown involved

a combined French and American army and navy

The principle Americans who negotiated the peace terms with the British were

Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay

Under the terms of the Treaty Of Paris of 1783,

the United States gained formal British recognition of American Independence

During the American Revolution, Loyalists

Constituted perhaps as many as 1/3 of the white colonial population

As a result of the American Revolution, the Anglican Church in America was


During the American Revolution, enslaved African Americans in the colonies

were assisted by the British to escape as a way to disrupt the American war effort

The fear of _____ helped prevent English colonists in the Caribbean islands form joining with the continental Americans in the revolt against Britain

slave rebellions

Which of the following statements regarding the American Revolution and Native Americans is FALSE

Most Indian tribes ultimately chose to fight on the side of the British

During the American Revolution, female "camp followers"

assisted in the support of regular troops

Regarding the status of women, the effect of the American Revolution

led some women to question their position in society

In 1776, Abigail Adams was an advocate for .

new protections against abusive and tyrannical men.

The prominent eighteenth century essayist Judith Sargent Murray placed her greatest emphasis on the right of women to

obtain an education

In colonial America, under English common law a married women

could not own property

Following the American Revolution,as the republic took shape in the 1780's, greater social importance was attached to women in the role of


Post-Revolution American trade was strengthened by

the closing of British ports to American trade

In the thinking of most American political leaders, the success of their new republican governments depended on

independent landowners

For most Revolutionary American political thinkers, the concept of equality meant that there should be equality of


During the 1780's in every new state constitution

Governors were prevented from holding a seat in Legislature

During the 1780's, most state governments

moved to limit popular power

In 1780, Massachusetts sought to revise the power of the governor by

having him elected directly by the poeple

The Virginia Statute of Religious Liberty of 1786

called for a complete separation of church and state

In the 1780's, which statement about slavery in America was true?

Many southern states prohibited the importation of slaves from abroad

Under the Articles of Confederation in 1777 there was a federal


Under the Articles Of Confederation, the national government had the power to

borrow and issue money

Under the Articles of Confederation

each state had one vote in congress

The Articles of Confederation were adopted when states gave up their

claims to western lands

Shortly after signing the Treaty Of Paris of 1783, the British government

restricted American access to British markets

Who did congress send to London as a minister in 1784 to resolve the differences between the Confederation and the British regarding the peace treaty of 1783?

John Adams

The Ordinances of 1784 and 1785 represented an attempt to

provide for the admission of new states into the union

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787

created a single territory out of the lands north of Ohio, guaranteed freedom of religion throughout the effected areas, prohibited slavery within the effected areas,abandoned the system created in the 1784 Ordinance

In the early 1790's the efforts of Little Turtle represented an attempt by Indians to

resist white expansions by military force

The 1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers

forced the Miami Indians into negotiations with the United States

The 1795 Treaty of Greenville

led the United States to recognize the sovereignty of Indian nations

As leaders of a tax rebellion the 1780, Daniel Shays and his supporters demanded

a moratorium on debt collection

One effect of Shays Rebellion was that it

contributed to the growing belief the national government needed reform

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