DEP Chapter 11 Quiz

Which of the following is a component of adolescent egocentrism according to Elkind?
Concrete thinking
Which of the following is an accurate statement about adolescents' development of formal operational thinking?
Formal operational reasoning enables adolescents to understand figurative language, such as metaphors.
Which group of hormones is responsible for the development of the sex organs?
Estrogen in females and testosterone in males
Which gland prompts the release of hormones from the other endocrine glands?
Which of the following best defines menarche?
The onset of menstruation at puberty
The changes in the patterns of physical growth and development that are known as the secular trend are most likely caused by which of the following?
Improvements in nutrition and health care
Dawn has just turned thirteen years old, and she recently experienced menarche. If Dawn becomes sexually active, will she be at risk for pregnancy?
Possibly. Although irregular menstrual cycles are the norm for some time, pregnancy is still possible.
Which of the following groups is more likely to have a negative body image, get into trouble at school and with peers, and engage in delinquent behavior?
Early-maturing girls
In the United States, earlier initiation to adolescent sexual activity is associated with which of the following?
Earlier dating
What proportion of teenagers can actually explain the reality of when a female is most likely to get pregnant?
About half
How many teen pregnancies end in abortion?
About one third
Which of the following statements is true regarding identity and social development in homosexual and heterosexual teens.
The factors that are important in identity development are mostly similar between homosexual and heterosexual teens.
What is the correlation between risk-seeking behavior and the media?
Teens who are most strongly influenced by media portrayals of risky behavior are more likely to engage in sensation-seeking.
Among teenagers, what is the most commonly used illicit drug?
Anorexia nervosa is characterized by
intense fear of weight gain, extreme dieting, and obsessive exercising.
The eating disorder bulimia nervosa is characterized by
episodes of binge eating that are followed by purging activities.
Why are girls less likely to complete suicide?
They tend to use means that are less successful, such as poisoning
Piaget, through his fourth stage, believed that adolescence is the time when children's main task is to learn which of the following?
To think abstractly
Whenever Jean walks by a mirror or any reflective surface he stops to make sure that his hair looks good and that his clothes look acceptable to his peers. Which principle is at work here?
Elkind's theory of the imaginary audience