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Chapter 19 Section 2


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toys for the very wealthy
What were cars seen as until the early 1900s?
Model T
What was the first car that Henry Ford created in 1908?
assembly line
made cars more affordable to average Americans by perfecting the method of production
assembly line
a production system in which the item being bought moves along a conveyor belt to various workstations; each worker had a specific job when the product came to them
$5 a day
what did Ford pay his employees so that they too could enjoy owning a car?
labor unions
What did Ford deal harshly with
created workers who were "half dead" due to the monotonous tasks they performed
What did people who criticized the assembly line say?
Ford Motor Industry
During the first quater of the 20th century, what company dominated the automobile industry?
General Motors and Chrysler
What two companies competed with Ford Motor Industries?
helped the motor industry to grow
What did the competition in the motor industry allow?
the measure of output per unit of input such as labor
welfare capitalism
a system in which companies provide benefits to employees in an effort to promote worker satisfaction and loyalty
pensions, recreation programs for workers
What are some examples of welfare capitalism?
help workers shun unions
What did employers hope welfare capitalism would do?
what did people grow wealthy from id it was found on their land?
What grew into a major American City because of the automobile industry?
cars allowed people to live greater distances from the city
why did suburbia grow?
vacuum cleaner, radio, refrigerator
what are 3 other appliances that made life easier for Americans?
what made a large impact in the economy for industries?
most people bought large items such as cars and refrigerators on this
not to wait, but to buy now
how did advertisers encourage credit?
roaring twenties
the decade which got this nickname because of the times presperity and excitement
because it indicates that all Americans were prosperous, which is not the case
why are many historians not keen on the name "roaring twenties?"
non-american farm goods
what did the government try to put a tariff on in the 1920s, but did little to help the economy?
boll weevil
in the south, insects that plagued the cotton crops
Mississippi River
What major river flooded in 1927?
Big Blow
What was the huge hurricane in Florida called that put the state into a devastating depression?