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  1. Earth's air which is made up of a thin layer of gasses, solids, and liquids; forms a protective layer around the planet and is divided into 5 distinct layers.
  2. all the water on Earth's surface.
  3. layer of the statosphere with a high concentration of ozone; absorbs most of the Sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation.
  4. Layer of the electrically charged particles in the thermosphere that absorbs AM radio waves during the day and reflects them back at night.
  5. group of chemical compounds used in refrigerators, air conditioners, foam packaging, and aerosol sprays that may enter the atmosphere and destroy ozone.

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  1. radiationenergy transfered by waves or rays.


  2. jet streamnarrow belt of strong winds that blowsnear the top of the troposphere.


  3. condensationtransfer of thermal energy by direct contact; occurs when energy is transferred by collisions between particles.


  4. ultraviolet radiationenergy transfered by waves or rays.


  5. sea breezemovement of air from sea to land during the day when cooler air from above the water moves over the land, forcing the heated, less dense, air above the land to rise.