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She promised Paris the role of Lord of Europe and Asia as a bribe for the apple


She promised Paris that he would lead the Trojans to victory against the Greeks and destroy Greece as a bribe for the apple


She promised Paris the fairest woman in all the world as a bribe for the golden apple

the judgement of paris

The cause of the Trojan War


the fairest woman in the world. daughter of Zeus and Leda. sister of Castor and Pollux

King Tyndareus

Helen's "father". wife of Helen's mother Leda. he made Helen's suitors swear an oath to help her husband if a wrong was done to him


the man chosen to be Helen's husband by King Tyndareus. Brother of Agamemnon and King of Sparta

to help and never harm the other

the conditions of the oath between Menelaus and his guest Paris, the one that Paris broke and made it the duty of Greece to fight with Menelaus


the man who tried to avoid fighting in the war by pretending he had gone mad (which didn't work because he avoided hitting his son with plow, showing his sanity)


the man who tried to avoid fighting in the war by dressing as a woman. this plan was foiled by odysseus when he saw this man eyeing swords


the soothsayer who declared that Artemis was mad and the only way to calm the wind was to sacrifice Iphigenia


daughter of Agamemnon (Commander in Chief of Greeks) who was sacrificed by her father to calm the winds to go to Troy. (was told that she would marry Achilles, but was killed at the altar)


the king of Troy


the queen of Troy

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