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notes for test 2

During World War I, who made airship raids against whom?

Germany against England, France, Belgium, Russia, Balkan Peninsula

How effective was the airship as a bomber?

Ineffective - high loss rate of airships and low levels of inflicted damage

What wartime technological development contributed to the evolution of the fighter as a military type of airplane and revolutionized aerial warfare?

Interrupter gear

Who was the first pilot to shoot down a German airship?

Lieutenant William Leefe-Robinson of the Royal Flying Corps

The Escadrille Americaine changed its name to ___________ after German government protests.

Lafayette Escadrille

Which pilot is credited with the most aerial victories?

Baron Manfred von Richthofen

During the war, why did the United States fail to produce significant numbers of aircraft for the use in Europe?

1.) Late entry into the war 2.) Lack of knowledge (by company and employee) to build airplanes 3.) Governments plan to adapt European aircraft

What affect did the Armistice have on aircraft production and military aviation?

Factories closed, Workers Laid off, Cancellations of government conracts, Liquidation of contractual assets

What restrictions did the Treaty of Versailles place on German aviation?

No military aviation and temporary restrictions upon civil aviation

Who is credited with shooting down Manfred Von Richthofen (The Red Baron)?

Roy Brown

What types of aircraft flew across the Atlantic Ocean in 1919?

The US Navy's NC-4, The Vickers Vimy flown by Alcock and Brown, British made airship

Who flew the Vickers Vimy?

Alcock and Brown

What enabled aircraft to fly long distances in 1919?

The advances made during the war - military aircraft were larger arid stronger, engines more powerful and reliable, and instruments and radios more developed and more installed in aircraft. Military aviation influenced the immediate postwar activities in civil as well as military aviation.

Given the Allied restrictions upon German aviation during the postwar period, how did Germany maintain its lead in airship technology?

They continued to build airships for other countries.

What 2 airship accidents led the United States to switch from hydrogen to helium gas in military airships?

The U.S. lost the R-38 and the Roma so they switched from hydrogen to helium gas in military airships to reduce the fire hazards.

Who was the first to fly around the world, when, and why?

Who - The U.S. Army When - April 6, 1924 - September 28, 1924 Why - To "point the way for all nations to develop aviation commercially and to secure for our country the honor of being first to circle the globe entirely by air." Also to garner popular, political, and military support since the Air Service considered itself a neglected arm of the military.

Who was the first person credited with flying over both the North and South Poles?

Richard Evelyn Byrd

Lieutenant William Leefe-Robinson

First pilot to shoot down a German airship

Lafayette Escadrille was originally called what?

Escadrille Americaine

Manfred von Richthofen

The "Red Baron", credited with the most aerial vicories.

Roy Brown

Credited with shooting down Manfred Von Richthofen (The Red Baron)

Alcock and Brown flew what aircraft?

The "Vickers Vimy"

Richard Evelyn Byrd

The first person credited with flying over both the North and South Poles

A general court martial found Billy Mitchell guilty of what?

Insubordination (for speaking out against military aviation actions.)

Who was Pierre-Georges Latecoere?

A french industrialist that created a commercial airlmail company.

A french industrialist that created a commercial airlmail company.

Pierre-Georges Latecoere

Why did imperial powers prospect, survey, and establish long-distance air routes?

To provide communication with colonies.

Why did airmail service and commercial passenger service often develop together?

If it had room for passengers as well as mail, why not transport whatever load, mail or passengers, would pay.

What distinguished Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight of 1927 from earlier transatlantic flights?

First non-stop, SOLO crossing. Also flew from New York to Paris, almost twice the distance of others.

What was a four-course radio?

A low to medium frequency facility that marked four courses to and from stations constructed along Federal Airways. It allowed a pilot to determine whether he/she was on course.

__________, the Italian Minister of Air, led a squadron of25 Savoia-Marchetti SM.55X flying boats to the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.

Italo Balbo

One of the most influential airlines in the late twenties, __________ flew regular scheduled airmail flights in the late 1920s and early 1930s in aircraft such as the Latecoere 28.


What event in 1937 ended lighter-than-air craft as a viable means of passenger transportation?

The crash of the German airship Hindenburg on May 6, 1937

Who developed manuals and charts that allowed pilots worldwide to fly safely?

Elrey B. Jeppesen

Why did the Army Air Corps take over the airmail routes in 1934?

The airmail scandal led President Roosevelt to issue an executive order directing the Army Air Corps to fly mail until the Post Office Department resolved the issue.

In 1937 she attempted to fly around the world with navigator Fred Noonan. Her last transmission was received near Howland Island. The investigation to their disappearance continues even today. Who is she?

Amelia Earhart

What was the German national airline of the late 1920s and 1930s?

Deutsche Luft Hansa

Deutsche Luft Hansa

The German National Airline fo the lat 19020,s and 1930's

Amelia Earhart

Attempted to fly around the world with navigator Fred Noonan

The ___________ of 1925 stimulated the formation of airlines in the United States.

Air Mail Act

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