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skeletal muscles cause movemetn by exerting ______ on tendons, which pulls on bones or other structures


_____ bones usually do not move equally in response to contraction


the attachment of a tendon to the stationary bone is called


the attachment of the muscle's other tendon to the movable bones is called


the______ of a muscle are the main movements that occur during contraction (ex flexion or extension)


a lever is a rigid structure that can move around a fixed point called________

effort , load or resistance

2 different points by 2 different forces a lever acts on is


which causes no movement

load or resistance

which opposes movement


is the force due to muscular contraction


the load is the weight that is moved or some____________ an object to being moved


occurs when the effort applied to the bone at the insertion exceeds the load

first-class, second-class, thrid-class

3 types of levers that differ on the position of fulcrum, effort, load


not common, fulcrum is between the effort and load


uncommon, load is between the fulcrum and effort

third class

common, effort is between the fulcrum and load

parallel, fusiform, circular, trianglular, pennate

5 effects of muscle fascicle arrangement


all muscle fibers are____ to one another within a single fascicle


pascicles form_______ with respect to the tendons

range of motion, power

muscle fascicle have a compromise that they must make between


the longer the fibers in a muscle, have_____ the ROM it can produce

total cross-sectional area

the power of a muscle depends not on length but on its____

prime mover, synergists or agonists, antagonist

3 interaction of skeletal muscles

prime mover

muscle responsible for a particular movement

synergists or agonists

muscles that contract and assist the primer mover


muscles that oppose the movement of prime mover

size/ shape/ location/ action/ number of attachment/ direction of its fiber

6 rules to naming a muscle

extensor digitorum

example of action naming

pectoralis major

example of size naming

biceps brachii

example of number of attachment


example of shape naming

external oblique

example of direction of its fiber naming


example of location muslce

subcutaneous layer

muscle of facial expression that lies within _____

fascia or skull

muscle of facial expression usually orginate in _____________ and insert into the skin


because of their insertions the muscles of fascial expression moves the ______ rather than a joint when they contact

6 extrinsic

how many eye muscle control movemetnts of each eyeball


this is called____ because they originate on the outside of the eyeballs in the bony orbits and insert on the outer surface of the sclera


muscles with the word _____ in their name have obvious actions


direction of the eye moving when it is called inferior rectus


actions of 2_____ muscles cannot be deduced from their names

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