Algebra Terms

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Terms to memorize for Algebra I

Mixed Number

the sum of a whole number and a fraction


straight line that has no width and no ends

Line Segment

part of a line


when two lines cross

Point of Intersection

the place where two lines cross

Parallel Lines

lines in the same plane that do not intersect and the distance between the lines is always the same


when two lines make square corners at the point of intersection

Right Angles

the angles made by perpendicular lines

Straight Angle

two right angles that forms a straight line back to back

Acute Angle

an angle smaller than a right angle

Obtuse Angle

an angle larger than a right angle


simple, closed, flat geometric figures whose sides are line segments and whose lines do not cross


a polygon with 3 sides and vertices


a polygon with 4 sides and vertices


a polygon with 5 sides and vertices


a polygon with 6 sides and vertices


a polygon with 7 sides and vertices


a polygon with 8 sides and vertices


a polygon with 9 sides and vertices


a polygon with 10 sides and vertices


a polygon with 11 sides and vertices


a polygon with 12 sides and vertices


an indentation

Concave Polygon

a polygon with an indentation

Convex Polygon

any polygon without an indentation

Equilateral Polygon

when all the sides of a polygon have the same length

Equiangular Polygon

when all the angles of a polygon have the same measure

Regular Polygons

when all the sides of a polygon are the same length and all the angles are the same measure

Tick Marks

marks used to denote sides and angles that have the same length and/or measure

Right Triangle

a triangle with a right angle

Acute Triangle

a triangle with angles smaller than 90 degrees

Obtuse Triangle

a triangle with an angle that is greater than 90 degrees

Equianglular Triangle

a triangle in which all the angles are the same measure

Isoceles Triangle

a triangle that has at least two sides of equal length

Equilateral Triangle

a triangle in which the length of all the sides are equal

Scalene Triangle

a triangle in which all sides are different


a quadrilateral that has two pairs of parallel sides


a quadrilateral that has exactly two parallel sides


a parallelogram with four right angles


an equilateral parallelogram


a rhombus with four right angles


the measure around


the distance from the center of the circle to the outside edge


the distance from one side of a circle through the center to the other side


the perimeter of a circle

Irrational Number

a number that would take an infinite number of digits to express


an idea that represents quantity


a symbol which represents the idea of a particular number


the number represented by a numeral

Natural Numbers

counting numbers

Positive Real Numbers

any number that can be used to describe a physical distance greater than zero


a number that can be used to describe a physical distance of no magnitude

Real Numbers

all the positive real numbers plus zero

Negative Numbers

the negative counterparts of the positive real numbers

Signed Numbers

numbers that are indicated with signs of postive or negative used in algebraic addition

Symbol of Equality

the equal sign which indicates that two quantities are equal

Symbol of Inequality

the unequal sign which indicates that two quantities are not equal


the numbers added in an addition problem


the result of an addition problem


the first number in a subtraction problem


the second number in a subtraction problem


the result of a subtraction problem


the numbers multiplied in a multiplication problem


the result of a multiplication problem


the first number in a division problem


the second number in a division problem


the result of a division problem


the number on the top of a fraction


the number on the bottom of a fraction

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