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Quiz 1 - Heroes, Gods and Monsters of The Greek Myths

Who is the father of the gods/goddesses?
Rhea is the goddess of the _____.
Who was the "first one"?
Explain why Cronos swallows his children
So they could not dethrone him.
How did Rhea protect Zeus?
She wrapped a stone in a baby blanket and gave Zeus to be raised by shephards.
What causes Cronos to vomit up his children?
Rhea & Zeus made a drink of mustard, salt, and nectar
Who aided Cronos in the battle against Zeus and his siblings?
The Titans
Who aided Zeus and his siblings
Their monster cousins hidden in the earth
From where do we get the word panic?
From the young goat god Pan who shouted with joy.
How many chief gods/goddesses are there?
Why does Hera plot against Zeus?
He has been unfaithful.
What happens to Zeus? Who saves him?
He is bound by rawhide thongs and his thunderbolt is taken.
How does Zeus punish Hera?
He hung her in the sky, bound by golden chains.
Who are the children of Zeus and Hera?
Ares, Hephaestus, Eris
Who are Athena's parents? Explain how she was conceived.
Zeus & Metis the Titaness. They changed into different animals until serpents.
Why did Zeus swallow Metis? What was the result?
If she would bear another child in would overthrow him. He suffered the worst headache.
Who aided Zeus? How? What was the result?
Haphaestus split his skull. Athena sprang out.
Athena had domain over
intellectual activities
Why does she often beat Ares in battle?
She is a mistress of strategy.
She stated that "..... was the best part of wisdom.
What was Arachne's main downfall? What word used today was derived from her name?
She said she could weave better than Athena, they had a contest, she hung herself.
Why does Poseidon choose the sea as his domain?
Why did he choose Amphitrite instead of Thetis (mother of Achilles) as his wifE?
It was prophesied than any son born to Thetis would be greater than his father.
Why did he create the dolphin?