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notes for test 3 of Intro to ATC

A runway with a magnetic heading of 003 degrees should be designated Runway ____.


Markings which consist of pairs of three, then two and then one rectangular bar(s) on each side of the runway centerline, 500 feet apart, identify the __________.

touchdown zone

What runway marking extends the full-lenth of the runway pavement area?

Runway side stripes

A(n) ___________ consists of white arrows which point in the direction of landing, replacing the runway centerline, and beginning at the non-landing portion to the threshold bar.

displaced threshold

A _________ is identified by large chevrons pointing in the direction of the threshold.

blast pad

A taxiway ________ is identified by a continuous yellow line.


What color are taxiway edge lights?


__________ are designed to emit light to help pilots identify airports.

Airport beacons

Touchdown Zone Lighting (TDZl) and Runway Centerline Lights System (RClS) are two types of ___________.

In-runway lights

_________ consist of a pair of synchronized white flashing strobe lights located laterally on each side of the runway.

Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL)

All of the following represent uses of a non-movement area EXCEPT:


At airports with an operating control tower, clearance is required to operate in all areas EXCEPT:

Non-movement areas

The minimum vertical separation required for aircraft above FL600 is _________ ft.


The minimum vertical separation for IFR flight at and below FL41 0 is ________ ft.


Two thousand feet vertical separation is always required for IFR flight above _________ to FL600.


To apply the lateral departure divergence rule, departing aircraft must be assigned specified headings which diverge by at least ____ degrees.


Radar separation at or above FL600 requires _____ miles separation between aircraft.


Standard radar separation provided by an en route facility between two aircraft at FL270 is _____ miles.


Minimum vertical separation below an aircraft which is dumping fuel is _______ ft.


True/False: When two aircraft are departing the same runway, the tower controller must ensure that the second aircraft does not begin its takeoff roll until the first aircraft has crossed the departure end of the runway.


To clear aircraft to hold over different fixes at the same altitude, you must ensure that all ________.

holding pattern airspace areas do not overlap

The standard minimum longitudinal non-radar separation between two aircraft using DME is _____ minutes or _____ miles.

10; 20

Controllers may use visual separation __________.

Up to, but not including, FL 180

Which radar system uses both a ground-based interrogator and an aircraft-based transponder?

Secondary radar

What is a radio detection device which provides information on the range, azimuth, and/or elevation of objects?


Which radar system relies on reflected radio signals and does NOT require equipment in aircraft?

Primary radar

What are two types of radar jamming?

Passive & Active

What is the electronic device that permits radar presentations only from targets in motion?

Moving Target Indicator (MTI)

Which radar feature reduces or eliminates echoes from precipitation?

Circular Polarization

What causes Anomalous Propagation clutter on primary radar systems?

Moisture in the air bending the radar signal

What causes temperature inversion clutter on primary radar systems?

Warm air over cool air deflecting the radar signal

The primary radar clutter caused by dropping large amounts of shredded foil is called _______ jamming.


Secondary radar interference caused by a transponder replying excessively is called __________.

Ring around

What is an advantage of a secondary radar system?

Radar responses are not degraded by weather or ground clutter.


Airborne receiver/transmitter

Airborne receiver/transmitter


Radar display

Depicts an electronic presentation of radar-derived info

Depicts an electronic presentation of radar-derived info

Radar display


Processes transponder replies and forwards data to the radar display

Processes transponder replies and forwards data to the radar display



Ground-based transmitter

Ground-based transmitter


Broadcasts interrogator transmission



Broadcasts interrogator transmission

The lower limit of Class B airspace is ________ .

the surface

What is generally the vertical limit of Class D airspace?

2,500 ft above airport elevation

The upper vertical limit of Class A airspace is _________.

FL600 (inclusive)

A Prohibited Area is identified by the letter ________ , dash, and a number.


A Warning Area is established beyond ______ NM from the coast of the United States.


A Military Operations Area consists of airspace of defined dimensions established for the purpose of ___________.

separating certain military training activities from IFR traffic

What airspace contains federal airways?

Class E

What airspace is generally established from the surface to 4,000 feet above the airport elevation and has an operational control tower?

Class C

Airspace of defined dimensions, confined activities, and limitations imposed on nonusers is identified as _________ airspace.

Special Use

The upper limit of Class G airspace is ___________.

the base of the overlying airspace

This airspace generally extends upward to 10,000 feet MSL

Class B

VFR aircraft need to receive a clearance from ATC to enter this airspace

Class B

Airspace requiring all aircraft to be IFR

Class A

No transponder is required

Class D

VFR aircraft are separated only from IFR aircraft

Class C

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