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Chpt. 10 Making and Using Electricity


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Made by the sun or a light bulb.
Stored in food and batteries.
When an object makes a noise.
When an object is hot, iron.
Electric Stove burners get hot, Made by a battery or power supply.
can be changed into light, chemical, sound, heat, and mechanical energy.
Mechanical Energy
power tools, has energy by transforming electrical energy
Never touch a wall socket with anything but a plug.
Current could flow from the socket to the item to you.
Never touch the metal part of a plug when you plug it in.
Your finger could create a short-circuit path for the current.
Never use a cord that is torn or has a hole in it.
You can create a short circuit.
Don't pull the cord to remove a plug.
You can cause damage to the plug or create a hole in the cord.
Don't overload a plug or extension cord with too many devices.
Overloaded plugs draw too much current. They can get to and cause a fire.
Stay away from high-voltage cables and train rails.
You could accidentally touch them and be electrocuted.
Never use electric devices when you are wet. Also do not use them if you are standing in or near water.
Water is a conductor. Therefore, you are better a conductor when wet. You can get a shock or be electrocuted.

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