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Studying Engineering Ch.3-4 Test Review


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Cognitive Learning
Demonstrated by knowledge recall and higher-level intellectual skills
Highest Level of intellectual skill in Bloom's Taxonomy
Mr. C.M.Knaphle, Jr.
Teacher who shows how to approach someone to get what you want
Statements about taking notes on computer
Perfect legible notes, keep notes in one place, share electronically, notes will be researched, download info, and move information around easily
Examples of psychomotor learning within engineering education
Actions instruments or tools or actions that demonstrate motor skills such as dance or athletic performance. New manual or physical skills
Sensing Learners
They see, hear, and touch. They like facts, data, real world issues, and relevance.
Global Learners
Absorb info randomly w/o connecting, and suddenly "get it"
Improving learning process by observing it, developing feedback, and make changes based on all parts
Two ways learners differ in the way they orefer to process new information
Active learners process the info while doing it
Reflective learners think about it before doing it
"If i have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoudlers of Giants" is a famous quote by
Isaac Newton
Your professor can
Teach, research, and serve
Characteristics of "expert" learners
If there are power point presentations in lectures, you should
sit near the front and be here and now, listen, and take notes
mistake made by many engineering students
use same strategies from high school
Course Syllabus
Course info
course schedules
course policies
grading system
The reason why students don't ask questions in class
afraid to look stupid
too confused to ask
didn't want to bring attention
didn't want to waste time
"Be here and now"
If the way you prefer to learn differs from the way you are taught:
translate what you are being taught the way you prefer to learn
"In what way does the Linux operating system differ from Windows operating system?" is an example of
Convergent thinking question
Preparing for your lectures is a powerful and effective strategy because
It reinforces your learning
Khan Academy
Helps students with math and science
Complaining that the exams are too hard conflicts with a professor's view that:
They are good teachers
A good protocol for emailing your professors would be to:
Cornell Note-taking System
Notes on what is important with three ring binders..write down what you think
Characteristics of good listeners
They find value in all topics, work hard at listening, and focus on understanding the material
In contrast with high school, at the college level:
Study Group
Review know professors
attend class
Author of "How to win friends and influence people
Dale Carnegie
Importance of asking questions
Gains info in class, improve ability to ask good questions benefits in career and all aspects of life
Main purpose of recitations:
Amplify and reinforce the main concept from the lecture and to work problems
Academic resources that 1st year engineering students should take advantage of
academic resource center, library, and student lab
Divergent thinking questions
Among Dale Carnegie's "Six Ways to Make People Like You" are
A good listener
is an active listener