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Finals Vocab Review


An inclination to commit sin that can be found in human desires and appetites as a result of original sin

Original Holiness & Justice

The state of man and woman before sin

Original Sin

The fallen state of human nature into which all generations are born


An Aramaic term of enderment meaning "Daddy"

Diving Providence

God's loving and watchful guidance over his creatures on their way to their final goal and perfection


The sacred Hebrew name for God which means " I am who am." "I am, or I am who I am"

Blessed Trinity

The central dogma of the Christian faith that three divine persons Father,Son and Holy Spirit- in one God


A central truth of revelation that catholics are obliged to believe

Sacred Tradition

The living transmission of the church's gospel message found in the church's teaching, life and worship


The inspired word of God- The written record of Revelation

Doctor of the Church

A church writer of great learning and holiness whole works the church has highly recommended for studying and living the faith


The open-ended contract of love between God and human beings


A trait of God which refers to God's intimate union with and total presence to his creation


A trait of God that refers to God's total otherness and being infinitely beyond and independent of creation


People who claim that God's existence cannont be known


Religions that believe in multiple gods, and godesses


The belief that God did create the universe but that he takes no further interest in it


Religions that believe that there is only one God


A person who denies the existence of God


The dogma that God's eternal son assumd a human nature and became man in Jesus Christ to save us from our sins


"good news"


God's forgiveness of sins, accomplished through the mercy of Jesus Christ, resulting in the restoration of friendship with God


A title for Jesus meaning "The annointed one"


A process of "education in the faith" for young people and adults with the view of making them disciples of Jesus Christ


One who proclaims in word and deed the good news of Jesus Christ


A teaching device of Jesus in which he told a short story with one striking memorable comparison that tuaght a religious message usually about one aspect of God's Kingdom

Virgin Birth

A church dogma that teaches Jesus was conveived through the virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit without the cooperation of a human father

Kingdom of God

The reign of God proclaimed by Jesus and begun in his life, death, and resurrection


The feast that celebrates the mystery of christs manifestation as the savior of the world


An obstinate denial after baptism to believe a truth that must be believed with divine and catholic faith or an obstinate doubt about such truth

Paschal Mystery

The saving love of God must fully revealed in the life and especially the passion, death resurrection and glorious assension of his son Jesus Christ


The second coming of Christ when the Lord will judge the living and the dead

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