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Photosynthesis/Cellular Respiration

EHS Pre-AP Biology [Mrs.McInnis]
cells cannot always immediately use all the energy it gets
organisms need a way of storing energy because _______
2 ; 4
in glycolysis, ___ molecules of ATP are used in the 1st step, and ___ molecules of ATP are produced in the second step.
in respiration, the final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain is _______
chemical equation to represent photosynthesis
leaves appear green because the green portion of the light that strikes them is ________
the energy in glucose CANNOT be released by __________
green plant
name an example of an organism that is MOST likely to be directly dependent on the sun as an energy source.
chlorophyll traps ______ from sunlight
chemical equation for cellular respiration
lose of water as water vapor from the leaves of plant
describe transpiration
CO2↑ O2↓
without photosynthesis, what would probably happen to the levels of CO2 and O2 in Earth's atmosphere?
energy used in photosynthesis is obtained from
which product of photosynthesis is released into the air?
the main carbohydrate and monosaccharide (sugar) made by plants is ________
O2, ATP, H ions
what is produced during the light reaction?
carbon fixation
the 1st part of the Calvin-Benson cycle involves what process?
the Calvin-Benson cycle reaction takes place in the _______
chlorophyll ; light
in addition to raw materials needed for photosynthesis, a plant must also have ________ and ________
glucose ; oxygen
the end products of photosynthesis are ______ and ______
chlorophyll is the green material in plant cells which enables the plant to make _______
the Calvin-Benson cycle includes _________ reactions.
the liquid within the chloroplast is called ________
thylakoid membrane
energy from sunlight is trapped by chlorophyll located in the ____________
thylakoid membrane
the light reaction takes place in the ___________
what is not needed for the Calvin-Benson cycle to occur?
the overall effect of the Calvin-Benson cycle is that CO2 combines with hydrogen to form _______
energy from the sun is converted to chemical energy through the process of __________
the source of oxygen produced during photosynthesis is ______
how many molecules of the 3-carbon sugar PGA are formed?
chlorophyll is the primary pigment in plant chloroplasts, it absorbs all wavelengths of light EXCEPT _______
the molecule that splits in the light reaction is _______
the organelle that is the site of photosynthesis is the ________
the part of the visible spectrum that has the longest wavelength but yields the least amount of energy is ______
Calvin-Benson cycle
the dark reactions are also called the _______________
the major energy storing molecule in cells is called ______
the red-purple pigment found in plants is _________
the splitting of water during photosynthesis is called ________
the process by which organisms obtain energy from inorganic compounds instead of from light is called __________
electron transport chain
the passing of electrons along a series of molecules, releasing energy as they go, is the ______________
CO2, sunlight, H2O, chlorophyll
photosynthesis requires the presence of what components?
light ; chemical
the process of photosynthesis is an example of plants taking in _____ energy and converting it into ______ energy.
90% of the water plants take in from their roots is lost through the leaves by _________
regulate the opening and closing of the stroma
what is the function of the guard cells?
the vascular tissue that carries water and minerals up from the roots through a plant is the _______
electron transport chain
which process produces the most ATP molecules per glucose molecule consumed?
break down of carbohydrates to provide energy for the cell
the purpose of cellular respiration is to __________________
2 ; 2
the NET result of glycolysis is ___ ATP and ___ NADH produced .
in the course of the Kreb's Cycle, how many molecules of ATP are produced?
the process by which glucose is split into pyruvate is _______
the process that makes a small amount of ATP and produces lactic acid is called __________
glycolysis occurs in the ________ of the cell.
Citric Acid Cycle
the Kreb's Cycle is also known as __________
lactic acids
muscle fatigue is caused when the process of fermentation produces _________
for each molecule of glucose broken down, the Kreb's cycle must take ___ complete turns.
CAM Pathway
the photosynthesis process used by some plants to survive in a hot dry climate, like the desert is _________
only 1 photosynthesis is used in cyclic process
what is the main difference between cyclic and noncyclic photophosphorylation?
carbon fixation is catalyzed by which enzyme?
the Calvin-Benson cycle requires the input of what components?
excited electrons are passed to electron acceptors
in the light-dependent reactions, when light strikes the pigments (chlorophyll), what is the immediate result?
bacteria and yeast cells get their energy from a phase of respiration that does not require oxygen, what is this phase called?
in alcoholic fermentation, pyruvate is broken down into ______
the molecules in the electron transport chain are located on the inner membranes of the __________
aerobic respiration requires ______
dark reaction
PGAL is formed
light reaction
chlorophyll in involved
dark reaction
PGA is formed
dark reaction
carbohydrates are formed
light reaction
sunlight energy is used
light reaction
ATP is formed
dark reaction
ATP is used
dark reaction
water is released
light reaction
water is used
dark reaction
carbon dioxide is used
be able to label a chloroplast
outer membrane, inner membrane, stroma, thylakoid, granum