Myers 10e Chapter 11, Quiz 2 Wrong Questions

Need is to ________ as drive is to ________.
a. food deprivation; hunger
b. motivation; incentive
c. thirst; basal metabolic rate
d. instinct; incentive
Our weight thermostats are somewhat flexible and are influence by environmental as well as biological factors. Some researchers have therefore adopted the term
a. relative deprivation.
b. drive reduction.
c. basal metabolic rate.
d. settling point.
basal metabolic rate 基础心尘代谢率
Teenage girls are especially vulnerable to ________ because of their lower levels of protective antibodies.
a. few refractory periods
b. obesity
c. erotic plasticity
d. STIs
protective antibodies 保护性抗体
STIs 性传播感染
Which of the following is NOT true with respect to sexual orientation?
a. Virtually all cultures in all times have been predominantly heterosexual.
b. The environmental factors that influence sexual orientation are presently unknown.
c. Identical twins are somewhat more likely than fraternal twins to share a homosexual orientation.
d. With the help of a therapist, most people find it easy to change their sexual orientation.
Women, more than men, prefer to alternate periods of high sexual activity with periods of very little sexual activity. This best illustrates gender differences in
a. sexual orientation.
b. erotic plasticity.
c. refractory periods.
d. the sexual response cycle.
Personnel psychology is one of the main subfields of
a. organizational psychology.
b. industrial-organizational psychology.
c. human factors psychology.
d. evolutionary psychology.
Achievement motivation refers to
a. a goal-oriented leadership style that builds teamwork.
b. a desire for significant accomplishment.
c. a need to feel that the world is organized and predictable.
d. a focused state of consciousness accompanied by diminished self-awareness.
Compared with ineffective managers, those who are effective are more likely to
a. use informal, unstructured interviews when selecting new employees.
b. exercise a directive management style for achieving organizational goals.
c. celebrate employee productivity by providing them with recognition and rewards.
d. do all of these things.