Earth's Layers E


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the outermost and thinnest layer of Earth that is made of solid rock
a thin layer of Earth that combines the solid rock on the surface crust and the more solid part of the upper mantle
a thin layer of Earth that is the semi-solid rock part of the mantle on which the crust floats
a layer of Earth that represents the largest part of the semi-liquid mantle
the largest layer of Earth, composed of molten rock in which convection currents flow
Outer Core
one of Earth's inner layers made of liquid iron and nickel under extreme temperatures
Inner Core
the innermost layer of Earth, made of iron and nickel kept solid by extreme pressure
the process of density currents moving in fluids > warm fluids are low density that move up while cool fluids are high density that sink down
details mass by volume > how much matter is in a certain space; ex. higher density levels have lots of matter crammed into a small space
the study of Earth and events caused by tectonic plate movement such as earthquakes and volcanoes
solid, stiff and unflexibile, not easily broken or changed
Tectonic Plate
a broken piece of the lithosphere that floats on the asthenosphere, it's movement causes changes to the crust