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twin studies suggest genes account for about _____% of peoples variation in personality


the inverted-U hypothesis was proposed to explain the relationship btwn _____and _______

level of arousal, task performance

a correlation coefficient of -.8 indicates a

strong, inverse correlation

any overt response or activity by an organism


NOT in text as disruptive effect of severe stress on cognitive functioning

dazed confused state, inability to deal with interpersonal issues

David Buss argued that the "BIG FIVE" personality traits exist across a variety of cultures because these traits

have had significant adaptive implications

an experiment is a research method in which investigator manipulates the ____ variable and observes whether any changes occur in a ____ variable as a result

independent, dependent

which is example of coping strategy known as behavioral disengagement

dropping a class bc it is evident that one needs to take one of the recommended prerequisites, using drugs following a significant loss

according to Ellis, which of the folllowing would be an example to irrational thinking

I must be admired and liked by everyone who meets me

the 3rd variable problem is associated with

correlational method

which of the following is best definition of psychology

study of behavior and profession that applies knowledge from these studies to solving practical problems

Which idea is not central to the concept of personality

traits that are shared with others

________ refers to the idea that technological advances have not led to perceptible improvement in our collective health and happiness


according to FREUD, the _____ contains thoughts and feelings that are just below the surface of awareness


an originally neurtral stimulus that acquires the capacity to elicit a conditioned response is called

a conditioned stimulus

which appears to be a key factor in predicting who is most likely to develop PTSD following a traumatic event

the intensity of the individuals reaction at the time of the traumatic event

attempting to weaken a response by presenting a noxious or aversive stimulus after that response is called


research results suggest that which of the following is not very important in determining ones happiness

none of these is very important (parenthood, gender, age)

which individual based his theory on the importance of self concept


which of the following does not represent an empirical technique

speculating about the factors that are related to human happiness

the emerging consensus among contemporary researchers is that stress is

a special stimulus-response transaction in which one feels threatened

critics have described the psychodynamic perspective as

biased against females and empirically untestable, biased against females empirically untestable and overemphasizing unconscious desires

a recent study of the repercussions of psychological inhibition in gay men who conceal their sexual identity suggests that this inhibition is detrimental to ones


primary appraisal is an initial evaluation of whether an event is

relevant and stressful

crowding and noise have been identified as sources of _____ that have been found to be modestly correlated with depression and hostility

ambient stress

suppose a researcher wants to know whether a high protein diet causes children to learn better in school. half of the children in the study eat a high protein diet while the other half eats their normal diet. the control group consists of

children who eat their normal diet

which of the following is not a category of negative self talk described by BECK

unfairly blaming ones parents for personal trouble

humanistic psychologists major charge against the behaviorist and psychodynamic theories was that those models were


you are a talented artist and you are good at mathematics, you enjoy both and dont know which to major in at college. which types of conflict applies to your situation


sues friends say that she is sympathetic, trusting, cooperative and straightforward. which of the following BIG FIVE traits would best describe her


which of the following is least likely to have a negative impact on the immune system

spending the weekend with hostile family members

which of the following is not one of the underlying assumptions of this textbook

you can change your behavior if you know the right techniques, critical thinking involves a skeptical attitude

according to Leiter and Maslach what causes burnout

ongoing job stressors

social psychologist Stanly SCHACHTER hypothesized that increases in anxiety would cause increases in desire to be with others. In this study, the independent variable was

level of anxiety

dealing with a rude store clerk and waiting for the results of an exam are two examples of

acute stressors

evidence indicates that meditation can lead to

a beneficial physiological state

which of the following statements about the use of coping strategies is not true

the right coping strategy guarantees a successful outcome

psychosomatic diseases are

genuine physical ailments caused partly by psychological factors

______ occurs when people shift their own mental scale and change the baseline for comparisons of their own circumstances with those of other people

HEDONIC adaption

which of the following is the most accurate reflection of the research findings regarding catharsis

behaving in an aggressive manner tends to fuel more anger and aggression

the FIGHT OR FLIGHT response occurs in the

sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system

whether someone develops learned helplessness under conditions of unavoidable aversive events is most likely to depend on

ones beliefs about their control over events

the four major types of stress described in your text book are

frustration, conflict, pressure and change

which of the following has not been proposed as an explanation for how humor helps to reduce the effects of stress and promote wellness

humor facilitates the release of stress-relieving neurotransmitters

according to JUNG, the collective unconsciousness is a storehouse of latent memory traces inherited from peoples ancestral past , which is

shared with the entire human race

research suggests that forgiving is an effective _______ - focused coping strategy


the strengthening of a response leading to the removal of an unpleasant stimulus is

negative reinforcement

jim, who was working on quitting smoking noticed that he smoked a cig immediately following every meal, including snacks. Thus, Jim identified a ______ to his smoking behavior


which of the following is not an essential component of emotional intelligence

separating emotion from thought

which of the following is the correct order of Freuds psychosexual stages

oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital

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