Power Plus Book 2 Lesson 11

15 terms by Manoah23

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A letter or literary composition in letter form.


Enthusiastic; extremely interested. syn. voracious; eager ant. apathetic


An irritating and persistent person. syn. nuisance; pest


Absence of vanity; humbleness. syn. modesty ant. vanity; arrogance


Exhibiting sorrow or pain. syn. mournful ant. joyous


A huge or extraordinary size and power. syn. gigantic; huge ant. tiny


Difficult; requiring much effort. syn. strenuous; laborious ant. easy; unchallenging


Friendly; agreeable; easy to talk to. syn. amiable; good-natured ant. disagreeable; irascible


Pompous or high flown in speech. syn. pretentious ant. plain-spoken


Concerning farms, farmers, or the use of land. syn. agricultural ant. urban; industrial


A facial expression of fear, disapproval, or pain. syn. scowl ant. smile


A long, strongly expressed speech or lecture. syn. tirade


Arousing fear or awe. syn. intimidating


A flatterer; one who fawns on others in order to gain favor. syn. toady ant. contrarian


Clearly and openly stated; leaving nothing to the imagination. syn. exact; precise ant. ambiguous; vague

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