Level 1

Play with the bow
Bar Line
The vertical line that divides the music staff into measures
The Pulse of Music
Clef Sign
A symbol placed at the beginning of the staff used to identify the lines and spaces
Double Bar
Two vertical lines placed on the staff to indicate the end of a section or composition
Eighth Note / Rest
A note one half the value of a quarter note
Key Signature
Tells us what notes to play with sharps and flats throughout the entire piece
The space between two bar lines to form a grouping of beats
Music Staff
Five lines and four spaces on which notes and other musical symbols are placed
Pizzicato (pizz.)
Pluck the string
Repeat Sign
The symbol with two lines and two dots that means to perform a section or a composition again
Time Signature (Meter)
Tells us how many beats are in each measure and what kind of note gets one beat
Unison (unis.)
All play the same notes and rhythms
Half Note / Rest
A note half the length of a whole note and twice the length of a quarter note
Hardened tree sap applied to the hair of the bow to produce sound
Sequence of notes in ascending or descending order. Like a musical "ladder," each note is the next consecutive step of the scale