Level 2

Balance Point of the Bow
The point where the stick remains totally horizontally when balance on the forefinger
What volume to play or sing
Bow Lift ( ' ) Retake
Lift the bow and return to its starting point
Dotted Half Note
Receives three beats of sound; the dot after the note adds one half the value of the note
Down Bow
Pull the bow toward the tip
Forte (f)
(Loud); Play loudly. Add more weight to the bow
Piano (p)
(Soft); Play softly. Remove weight from the bow
Quarter Note / Rest
One beat of sound or silence.
Air Bow
Bow without a sound; turn the bow upside down in your bow hold so the bow hair faces up and move the bow in the crook of your arm or on your lap without making a sound
Up Bow
Move the bow toward the frog
Whole Note / Rest
4 beats of sound / silence
A series of eight notes ascending or descending in alphabetical order, starting and ending on the same note
Ledger Lines
Short lines to extend the range of the staff higher or lower