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Which of the following steps for records release is out of order?

Review the record release form with the patient, and ask if it is understood

The medical record should be released only with a:

written release from the patient

An informed consent form must address which of the following?

All of the above must be addressed.

A tickler file is an effective organizational tool to help the medical assistant:

mail appointment reminders

Which is the least satisfactory method of scheduling for the patient?


When scheduling an inpatient admission, be sure that the patient understands which of the following?

All of the above

Why is it necessary to include a note in the patient's chart when he does not show up for a scheduled appointment?

To be prepared for future legal consequences regarding the patient's care

Which types of outpatient procedures might be scheduled by the physician's office?

All of the above

When an obstetrician devotes two afternoons per week to seeing pregnant patients, he is using an appointment scheduling method called

grouping procedures

Which patients should be personally escorted to examination and treatment areas and given detailed instructions about what they are to do?

All of the above

Which of the following would be considered a patient amenity?

A writing table in the reception area

If a chart is marked in some way as a reminder that specific actions need to be taken, it is said to be


Which of the following is true with regard to keys issued to staff members at the physician's office?

Physicians and supervisors should limit access to keys to those employees who are trusted and need key access.

Which of the following features is not a basic requirement of the office appointment book?

Color-coding of days

Acting in anticipation of future problems is:

being proactive

A marking in paper resulting from differences in thickness usually produced by the pressure of a projecting design in the mold is called a


A measure around a body or item is called:


Which statement is not true regarding the reasons for keeping accurate medical records?

The patient's family may wish to examine the records and correct errors.

How would you properly index the name "Amanda M. Stiles-Duncan" for filing?

Stilesduncan, Amanda M.

Which of the following are common types of filing equipment found in a medical office?

All of the above

Writing a phonetic spelling of a patient's name will help in pronouncing it correctly.


If the patient brings a relative to the physician appointment, the patient implies consent to discussion of the patient's care with the relative.


The medical assistant should offer to assist only patients who are obviously handicapped.


The three basic filing methods are alphabetic, numeric, and alphanumeric.


An aggregate of activities designed to ensure adequate quality is called quality control.


A provisional diagnosis is one that is not a final diagnosis and is usually made before test results are received.


The medical assistant should never send an email at work that he or she does not wish a supervisor to read


A declarative sentence asks a question.


Medical offices are really immune to crime.


The United Parcel Service, Federal Express, and the United States Postal Service are all private delivery services


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