Level 5

1st and 2nd endings
Play the 1st ending the 1st time through. Then, repeat the same section of music, skip the 1st ending, and play the 2nd ending
ABA Form
A musical form consisting of three sections in which the third section is the same as the first; same, different, same
Emphasize the note. Add weight or increase the speed at the beginning of the bow stroke
One or more notes preceding the first complete measure
In a singing style
Chromatic Scale
Made up of consecutive half steps. It is usually written with sharps going up and flats going down
A short ending section of music
D.C. al Fine
Play until you see the D.C. al Fine. Then go back to the beginning and play until you see Fine. D.C. is the abbreviation for Da Capo, the Italian term for "return to the beginning." Fine is the Italian word for "the finish."
D.S. al Fine
Play until you see the D.S. al Fine. Then go back to the sigh and play until the word Fine. D.S. is the abbreviation for Dal Segno, or "from the sign," and Fine means "the end."
Divisi (div.)
The part is divided; two parts are written on one staff and are played by different performers
Double Stop
Two notes played at the same time
The end
Musical Style
A combination of all elements of music resulting in the unique flavor of a culture or time period