25 terms

AH I ch 8

cause: Defeat at battle of Long Island
effect: winter at valley forge
cause: Magna carta, English Bill of rights
effect: Declaration of Independence
cause : failures of the Articles of Confederation
effect: Constituional Convention
voting rights
supported the consitution
opposed the constitution
Shay's rebellion
showed that the U.S. needed a stronger central gov't
3/5 compromise
dealt with the issue of counting slaves as population
great compromise
was a compromise of the New jersey and Virginia Plan
shared power between the central and state government
Philadelphia PA
location of the Constitutional convention
New Jersey plan
favored all states having an equal # of votes in congress
Virginia plan
favored states' repensentation in congress to be based on population
Articles of Confederation
didn't have the power to tax or issue a standard currency
Northwest Ordinance
Add-A-State plan, organized western land or settlement
official approval
increased prices for goods - reduced value of money
people who owe $
people who loan $
legislative branch
lawmaking branch of gov't
judicial branch
responsible for interpreting laws
executive branch
president & cabinet help run the gov't
Federalist papers
essays written by Hamilton, Madison & Jay in support of the passage of the constitution
official changes to the constitution
Bill of Rights
first ten amendments that afford rights to individuals