Quiz #4

Chapters 7 & 8
The step of translation in which an mRNA, a small ribosomal subunit, and the initiator tRNA are aligned together is what?
The step of translation in which amino acids are added to the growing polypeptide is what?
The step of translation in which release factors bind to a stop codon is what?
A group of genes, a promoter, and an operator that control transcription are called what?
the repressor
In the lac operon, the protein that binds to the operator to prevent transcription is what?
transcription factors
what are proteins that initiate transcription in eukaryotes by recognizing sequences within the promoter region of a gene and attracting RNA polymerase?
A change in a cell;s DNA sequence is what?
If the DNA in a cell consists of 20% adenine, then it will also contain how much guanine?
If the DNA in a cell consists of 20% adenine, it will also have how much thymine?
The DNA sequence ATGCATGC will pair with what DNA strand?
Which DNA mutation leads to the change of a single amino acid in a protein?
genetic material
The genome of an organism is all of its what?
The process by which DNA reproduces itself is what?
The enzyme that unwinds DNA is what?
DNA polymerase
The enzyme that adds nucleotides to form new strands of DNA is what?
Programmed cell death
they become more tightly wound
Eukaryotic chromosomes become visible with a light microscope before cell division because what?
interphase - prophase - metaphase - anaphase - telophase - cytokinesis
What is the sequence for the phases of the eukaryotic cell cycle?
mitotic spindle
The component of the cytoskeleton that attaches to the chromosomes in order to pull and separate them is what?
the cells die by apoptosis
How does the space between our fingers arise?