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National Gov't assumed its greatest power during

the Great Depression

The general term for money paid by one level of gov't to another is


Which of the following was a major principal decided by McCulloch vs. Maryland

: the Elastic Clause

Money awarded for broad, general purposes is called a

block grant

The national government controls its grants to states through detailed rules, regulations, and restrictions because

because the national government doesn't trust the states to use the money for the purpose for which it is given.

In the year 2000 budget reflects the fact that grants to states and local government for .....policy problems continue to be dominant.


Constructions of the massive interstate highway system

gave the national government leverage to regulate many behaviors indirectly related to highway problems.

The Framers of the Constitution avoided making a specific list of all powers and communications of the state and national government because

they believed they could not specify every power that might be needed to run the government.

What kind of grant-in-aid allows the recipient of the grant the least discretion in determining how to spend the money

Block grant

When the U.S. Supreme Court overruled a Virginia court decision allowing the execution over mentally retarded convicted murderer, it strengthened....... and would be like a.....

dual federalism... restraint.

What type of grant would be best if the applicant is attempting to secure funding for highway funds to widen a particular roadway?

Categorical grant

What type of grant would be best if the applicant is conducting medical research with a non-outcome?

Block grant

The principal that states within certain attributes of sovereignty, including immunity from ¬¬lawsuits was declared

by the supreme court in 1996.

The Printz decision, in which the supreme court concluded that congress could not require local officials to implement regulations imposed by the national government, reinforce the operation of

cooperative federalism.

The suprme court's interposition of the Commerce Clause has historically

historically served increased national power.

The general conclusion of the supreme court in United States vs. Lopez was that

there are limits to the national government's ability to regulate behavior based on the Commerce Clause.

If the U.S. supreme court had reached the opposite result in Printz vs. U.S., the federal gov't could have lawfully ordered local officials to conduct

felony background checks for gun ownership

The effect of national emergencies and judicial interpretations on federalism has been to

to increased the power of the national government.

The legal basis for national gov't action to regulate state voting laws resides in

in the 15th Amendment.

According to John Marshall's decision in McCulloch vs. Maryland 1819, the elastic clauise might be interpreted to mean that Congress can take a particular action not specified in the constitution if that action is

mainly adapted to achieving a legitimate constitutional end.

The voting rights act of 1965 authorizes an appointment of national voting examiners to examine unregistered voters for all elections if denial of voting rights seems to be widespread

when implemented discriminately intrudes above all political sovereignty of states

President Bush issues an order to mobilize state national units to action in the war in Iraq. This power is not written down specifically in the constitution's language detailing commander in chief's responsibilities. What type of power is Bush exercising?

Implied powers

In the American political context, the structure of cooperative federalism seems most conducive to policies advocated by


The 10th amendment gives what levels of government additional unwritten powers?


In response to the events of 9/11/01 Congress and the president enacted the U.S.A. Patriot Act using primarily what authority?

Elastic Clause

Someone who believes that the Elastic Clause of the Constitution should be narrowly interpreted is most likely to endorse the concept of.....federalism.


The shift away from dual federalism and towards cooperative federalism was a response to problems associated with

the Great Depression

The constitutional provision that made cooperative federalism possible is

the Elastic Clause

Which metaphor best describes dual federalism?

? Layer Cake (separate and distinct)

Which metaphor best describes cooperative federalism?

? Marble Cake (can't separate)

The power not specifically mentioned in the constitution but necessary if another specific grant of power is to be carried out is called

implied powers

The constitution did not give Congress the authority to establish the IRS. Congress did so to implement its power to lay and collect taxes. This is an example of ...... powers.


A proponent of states' rights can argue that

the national governments power should interpreted narrowly.

Dual federalism is a practice of

allowing states and the federal gov't to exercise power separately in areas of legitimate concern to them.

Federalism is able to unify diverse group of people because

it does not require citizens to be ruled by majority from different regions with different interests.

The question of who holds authority over state militias reflects

reflects the difficulty of drawing the line between what is "great and aggregate" and what is "local and particular."

A state's militia may take action based upon

both federal and state authorities, at times.

The concept of citizenship held by the Framers of the Constitution was that Americans that are citizens of

the United States and their home states.

The new Iraqi system which gives gov't (?) to minority and majority interest equally while also establishing a central governing body with independent power is


Federalism is a combination of which two ideas?

? Unitary and confederation

A president who wishes to influence the gov't must do so through

negotiation and persuasion

When the Florida court ordered recount of popular vote status in certain counties, and the court ruled that no recount of Florida votes could take place, which concept was affected?


Sovereignty is a quality possessed by a gov't that

is supreme in power and authority over a certain area.

In the 2000 presidential election controversy, the final decision regarding the legality was determined by

the U.S. Supreme Court

President Clinton had no power to order Florida Governor, J. Bush, to recount the 2000 election ballots because

governors have sovereignty in their own states.

The 2000 Presidential election illustrated

sovereignty of state governments to maintain and supervise their own precise rules governing the act of body.

The title given to the leader of the US Senate is

President of the Senate.

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