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natural springs in the desert of northern Africa

Uses of Africa's rivers

transportation, drinking, fishing, and bathing


a large area of raised land


a wandering trader; someone that doesn't stay in one place

subsistence farmer

a poor farmer with only enough land to raise crops that feed their family

natural resources

stuff from nature that people can use

East Africa

the place where Earth's first people came from


people who had to hunt animals and gather wild plants to survive


farmers who were able to domesticate plants and animals to produce more food than was needed; this allowed them to do other jobs and helped build a civilization


more food than was needed


an East African Kingdom that controlled trade along the Red Sea and practiced Christianity

West African Empires

Ghana, Mali, and Songhai


to settle in an area and take over its government

Atlantic Slave Trade

when slaves were forced to move from Africa to North America and South America

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