22 terms

Ch. 8 vocabulary

John Adams
Second President who lost to Thomas Jefferson in 1800
Thomas Jefferson
Won the presidential election of 1800 to become the third President of the US
Marbury v. Madison
Supreme Court case that set up judicial review
Judicial Review
Supreme Court's power to declare acts of Congress unconstitutional
Louisiana Purchase
the purchase of French land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains
Louis and Clark Expedition
expedition began in 1804 to explore the Louisiana Purchase
Shoshone woman who accompanied and aided Lewis and Clark on their expedition
Zebulon Pike
Army officer sent to explore the West and attempted to climb Pike's Peak
the practice of forcing people to serve in the army or navy
Embargo Act
law that prohibited American merchants from trading with other countries
Non-Intercourse Act
law that replaced the Embargo Act and restored trade with all nations except Britain, France, and their colonies
Shawnee chief who tried to stop white settlement in the Northwest Territory
Battle of Tippecanoe
US victory over an Indian confederation that wanted to stop white settlement in the Northwest Territory
War Hawks
members of Congress who wanted to declare war on Britain after the Battle of Tippecanoe
James Madison
fourth president of the US; led the US through the War of 1812
Oliver Hazard Perry
American naval officer who defeated the British at the Battle of Lake Erie
Battle of Lake Erie
US victory in the War of 1812, led by Oliver Hazard Perry; broke British control of Lake Erie
Andrew Jackson
Led US troops to defeat the British at the Battle of New Orleans
Treaty of Fort Jackson
signed after the US victory at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend; the Creek gave up 23 million acres of their land
Battle of New Orleans
greatest US victory in the War of 1812; fought two weeks after the war was over
Hartford Convention
a meeting of Federalists to protest the War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
peace agreement between the US and Britain, ending the War of 1812