beta world history greece:Geography

Your most likely gonna want to play scatter because definitions are very long
Agean sea, Ionian sea, and the Black sea
which seas were important transitioning routes for Greek people?
Greece lacked natural resources such as timber, precious metals, and usable farmland
why was sea travel and trade important for Greeks?
Instead of a single government the Greeks developed small independent communities with in each valley and its surrounding mountains
How did Greece's mountains influence political life?
No. uneven terrain made transportation difficult and few roads existed
was it easy to travel in ancient Greece?
no because only one- fourth of Greece was suitable for farming
was Greece able to support a large population?
48 degrees Fahrenheit
What was the coldest temperature in Greece during winter?
80 degrees Fahrenheit
What was the warmest temperature in Greece during summer?
the moderate temperatures supported outdoor life for Greeks men spent much of their leisure time at outdoor public events
How did the warm temperatures in Greece influence its people?