Chapter 6 Passage

1. Inter Gallos sunt viri magni qui vocantur Druides.
Among the Gauls there are great men who are called the Druids.
2. Sacra Gallorum a Druidibus curantur.
The religious rights of the Gauls are cared for by the Druids.
3. Druides a Gallis valde timetur: nam auctoritem magnam habent, et de viris bonis et malis iudicare solent.
The Druids are feared exceedingly by the Gauls: for they have great authority, and they are accustomed to judge about good and bad men.
4. Praemia et poenae a Druidibus dantur.
Rewards and punishments are given by the Druids.
5. Vita Gallorum a Druidibus curantur.
The life of the Gauls is cared for by the Druids.
6. Propter Druidum scientiam magnam multi pueri cum Druidibus diu manent.
Because of the great knowledge of the Druids, many boys remain with the Druids for a long time.
7. Pueri a Druidibus discunt: Druides pueros docent.
Boys learn from the Druids: The Druids teach the boys.
8. Druides de sacris scientiam magnam habent, sed libros et litteras non amant.
The Druids have great knowledge about religious rites, but they do not love books and letters.
9. Nam sacra Gallis videntur esse magna, si in tenebris iacent.
For the religious rites are seen to be great to the Gauls, if they are hidden in the shadows.
10. Itaque sacra Gallorum non litteris, sed memoria servantur.
And so, the religious rites of the Gauls are preserved not in literature, but in memory.
11. Druides scientiam magnam memoria servare possunt.
The Druids are able to save great knowledge in memory.
12. Itaque dum Druides exempla docent et fabulas narrant, pueri memoriam firmant.
And so, while the Druids teach examples and tell stories, the boys strengthen their memory.