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If someone were to comment to you that crime in the U.S. is a contemporary problem, you would resond by saying:

Crime is not a contemporary problem but has been evolving since the nation was founded.

Which of the following statements is true?
a. From 1900-1935, the U.S. experienced a sustained increase in criminal activity.
b. Organized gangs flourished in the largest cities of the U.S. in the early 1900's.
c. The first criminal gangs formed before the Civil War in urban slums.
d. All of the above.

D. All of the above.

What commission, appointed by President Herbert Hoover, made a detailed analysis of the U.S. justice system and helped usher in the era of treatment and rehabilitation.

Wickersham Commission.

The use of the term "criminal justice system" reflected a view that justice agencies could be connected in an intricate yet often unobserved network of decision-making processes. When was the term "criminal justice system" first used?

After the findings of the American Bar Foundation project.

Which view of crime infers that the great majority of citizens agree that certain behaviors must be outlawed or controlled and that the criminal law is designed to protect citizens fom social harm?


Which view of crime argues that crime is a politically defined concept?
A. Confict
B. Consensus
C. Interactions
D. Feminist

A. Coflict

Which view of crime suggestes that criminal law is structured to reflect the prefrences and opinions of people who hold social power in a particular legal jurisdiction?
A. Conflict
B. Consensus
C. Interactionist
D. Feminist

C. Interactionist

Which of the following crimes is not included on the list of Part 1 or index crimes that is documented inthe Uniform Crime Reports?
A. Criminal Homicide
B. Motor vehicle theft
C. Simple assualt
D. Arson

C. Simple Assault

What are considered to be the most widely cited source of criminal statistics?

Uniform Crime Reports

What is considered an index crime?

Motor vehicle theft

The National Crime Victimization survey is prepared by what agency?

Bureau of Justice Statistics

What data source relies on a multi-stage sample of housing units to collect information about citizen's encounters with criminals?

National Crime Victimization Survey

Which of the following is not a problem associated with the National Crime Victimization Survey? (NCVS)
A. Over-reporting because of victim's misrepresentations of events.
B. Incomplete acts are lumped together with completed ones.

B. Incomplete acts are lumped together with completed ones.

What type of study is the best measure of unreported crimes?

Self-report studies

Whichof the following statements about the validity of self-report data is false?
A. Serious chronic offenders usually cooperate.
B. Institutionalized youth are not generally represented.
C. Some surveys contain an overabundance of trivial offenses.

A. Serious chronic offenders uually cooperate.

Most reported crimes occur during which season?


What percent of high school students carry guns at least some of the time?


The greater the proportion of _____ in the population, the higher the crime rate and the greater the number of peristent offenders.

young men

Which regions of th country usually have significantly higher rates of crime?

The West and the South

Which of the groups exerience violent crimes at a higher rate than other groups?

African Americans

When a man is the victim of a violent crime, the perpetrator is usually described as a(n)...


Cesare Beccaria's view is known as the ____ of crime.

Classical Theory

The view of criminality argus that people commt crimes if they believe it will provide immediate benefits without the threat of long-term risks?

Choice Theory

According to _____ theory, indicators of neighborhood disorder are highly predictive of crime rates.

Social Process

What view of crime takes the position that individuals a born "good" and learn to be "bad" as they mature?

Social Learning Theory

______ maintains that eveyone has the potential to become criminal.

Social Control Theory

_____ theory focuses on the economic and political forces operating in a society and views these forces as the fundamental causes of criminality.


______theory recognizes that as people mature,the factors that influences their behvior change.


American civil law is primarily concerned with:

compensating the injured party for harm

What desire underlies the broad purposes of the criminal law?

Prevent and control unacceptable behavio and protect the citizenry

Which of the following statements does not apply to criminal law?
A. Crime is a public offense.
B. The right of enforcement belongs to the state.
C. Fines go to the state.
D. Both parties can appeal.

D. Both parties can appeal.

The law today can generally be divided into thee broad categories. Which of the following i not one of these categories?
A. Procedural criminal law
B. Substantive criminal law
C. Civil law
D. Procedural civil law

D. Procedura civi law

Which of the following is not a source of criminal law?
A. Common law
B. Biblical decree
C. Statutes
D. Case decisions

B Biblical decree

Regardless of its source, all criminal laws in the U.S. must conform to therules and dictates of the _____.

U.S. Constitution

The term stare decisis means:

to stand by decided cases

Crimes created by legislative bodies that reflect prevailing moral beliefs and practices arereferred to as ____ crimes.

mala prohibita

What is the most common definition of a felony?

A crime punishable in the statute by death or imprisonment in a state prison.

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