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Qin & Hun Dynasty

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What are the dates of the Qin Dynasty
221-206 BC
Why dynasty was replaced by the Qin Dynasty
Zhou Dynasty
Who was the first emperor of China and the Qin dynasty.
Shi Huangdi
What kind of government was the Qin Dynasty
An autocracy
What kind of government was it, centralized or decentralized
How did Shi Huangdi rule?
He used the legal system to intimidate people
What were Huangdi's Achievements?
Unified China, Centralized Gov, Great wall of China, Compass, Wheel Barrow, and Horse Harness, roads, boat steering rudder, currency, refinements of map-making
What were the bad things about Qin dynasty
Harsh legalism, fear, censorship, burning books, income gaps between rich and poor, hard labor, high taxes,
Good things about the Qin dynasty
Started the great wall, total control, efficient, gave rewards, favored agriculture
When was the Han dynaster
202 -220 BCe
What war did the Han Dynasty end
Civil war
First emporer of Han Dynasty
Lu Bang
How would you characterize Lu Bang
He was not a pushover. He made plans, and he had methods to his plan.
True or False, Lu Bang raised taxes
What beliefs did Lu Bang adopt?
Did Lu Bang have central government
Which of the emporers provided peace and stability?
Lu Bang
Who became emperor when Lu Bang died?
His son, but in name only.The real ruler was his mother
What did Lu Bang do?
He lowered taxes, brought peace, stability, Confucious teachers, created the idea of goals and methods of getting to goals.
What was Lu Bang's mother's goal after Lu Bang died?
To stay in power
Which emporer had the goal of expanding through war?
Lu Bang and the Han dynasty
What areas did Lu Bang and the Han dynasty conquer
Korea, Vietnam, Manchoria
What secret was closely guardecd by the Han dynasty
How to make silk
What was the social structure of the Han Dynasty
Strict social structure, rich stayed rich, poor stayed poor, and women were expected to devote themselves to the family.
What did the Han Dynasty Invent
Paper, wheelbarrow, collars for horses
Who took power from Alexander the Great?
Chandragupti Maurya
What did Chandragupti Maurya fear?
How did his fears affect Chandragupti Maurya
He had people test his food and never slept in the same bed twice
How did Chandragupti Maurya organize the empire?
He divided the Empire into 4 provinces headed by a royal prince. Provinces had local districts headed by officials who collected taxes.
Who was exempted from military service under Chandragupti Maurya
Farmers -to be sure there was enough food to feel the warriors
Who was Chandragupti Maurya's assistant?
What did Kautilya do?
Wrote the Ruler's Handbook. He supported royal punishment and spying on people, supported royal power & carrying out political assassinations.
What was Asoka?
He was an emporer who replaced Chandragupti Maurya.
What is Asoka famous for?
Bringing empire to height and dedicating himself to Buddhism, roads with wells, made travel easier, made common currency. traded with Greece
What is Catbud
An acronym for Commoncurrency, Agriculture, TradewithGreece, Bureaucracy, UnifiedIndia Dividedintoprovidences
Which emperor dedicated himself to Buddhism?
Who wrote the Ruler's Handbook?
How was religion viewed in India
You could be any religion you wanted to be.
Under which ruler were women expected to be devoted to the family?
Lu Bang and the Han Dynasty
Which leader developed traded with Greece
Who wrote the Ruler's Handbook
What dynasty upheld harsh legalism?
Qin Dynasty
Who created the idea of goals and methods to reaching your goals
Lu Bang
Who developed the wheelbarrow