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Intro to Computer Science Chapter 5&6


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The .mobi TLD used by sites that are optimized for mobile devices.
The world-wide database of domain names corresponding IP addresses is called the Doman Name System.
Servers that host part of the Domain Name System are called domain name servers,or DNS servers.
File-sharing sites like Youtube and Flickr let you post and share photos,music, and other media.
Sites that let you access your email account from public computers like the ones in the library are called file-sharing sites.
Some sites on the internet have the same IP address.
banner ad
An advertisement that is typically embedded at the top of a Web page.
Displaying a sequence of still images to create illusion of motion
helper application
Software that you need to download ,such as an add-on, a plug-in , or a player.
Graphics that uses mathematical formulas instead of pixels and maintain the same quality on all screens.
A series of program instructions embedded directly into HTML code for a web page ,used to make a Web page interactive.
Web Master
This person can manually submit a URL to a search engine.
meta keywords
These are descriptive data and words entered into the header section of a Web page when it's created.
A search engine returns a list of these,which are links to Web Pages that match your search criteria.
search sites
A Web site like www.google.com that is designed specifically to help you find information on the Web.
search engine
A Web crawler, an indexer,a database, and a query processor are all componets of this.
Example of Web app referred to as online reference software.
Words that refer to storage on the Internet.
One Drive
A host site that provides Microsoft Office Web apps and cloud storage.
productivity apps
Web apps help you accomplish specific tasks such as creating a document or prsnetation.
Google Earth
A mapping application that might require you to download additional software.
Private browsing
Mode for surfing the Web without leaving history, temporary Internet files, or cookies.
Hacking a server to re-route traffic to a fake Web site to obtain your personal information.
The list of Web pages your browser maintains of Web visits during a specific period of time.
Used to access Web pages on your mobile computing device, and specially designed for small screens.
Small text file that a Web page stores on your computer to iindentify you.
World Wide Web
A collection of millions of Websites.
Web site
A collection of related Web pages connected by hyperlinks.
The first graphical Web Browser released in 1993.
Web Page
A Hypertext Markup language (HTML) document.
Text messaging
Another term for Short Message Service(SMS), messages less than 160 charcters sent via cellular network.
virus protection
Software that scans incoming messages and programs to protect your computer.
disk defragmenter
Reorganizes the data on a magnetic hard drive so that you can access files more quickly.
Displays unsolicited advertisements in banners or pop-up windows.
Recycle Bin
Not emptying this lets files remain on your computer and take up space.
disk cleanup utility
Removes unused files like temporary internet files from your hard drive.
Used to store DVD backup discs to protect from scratches and dirt.
Store this in a dry area, humidity can cause it to stick and then jam during printing.
solid state
Drivers that have no moving parts and are less likely to be damaged by dirt and impact,but still cared for.
alcohol and water
Cleaning product specifically meant for computer screens.
memory cards
Stored in their cases when not in digital cameras.
Keep a can of compressed ___ near your work area, and use it to clean dust off your keyboard or pointing device.
You can avoid data loss by installing an uninterruptible______ supply (UPS) to prevent power loss to your computer in the event of a power outage.
surge suppressor
To prevent power fluctuations from damaging electronic componets,you should always use a _______ with your computer.
_______will affect the data on older storage technology such as floppy disks, but are no danger to newer systems that yse solid- state technology.
Because electronics need to stay _______ computers have built-in systems to keep computers from overheating.
Desktop Computer
Computing hardware that is not very portable,but highly functional,perhaps used by a graphic designer creating a logo using complex graphics software,printer, and digital camera add-ons.
Operating system
Platform that coordinates the functions of various hardware components and determines the types and brands of application software you can use.
Devices that can be attached to a computer to extend the computer's functionality,such as adding printing or video capabilities.
Computing devices that is highly functional and portable,likely to be used by a traveling salesperson who constantly needs to update a database after client visits.
Convertible computers
Device with a detachable keyboard that can convert to a tablet for mobility.
Your computer should be password protected.
With cloud storage, you can retrieve your data anytime from anywhere in the world.
Firewalls inspect data transmitted between a computer and external recipients to prevent unsolicited data exchanges.
There is no way to track your smartphone once it is lost.
A thief must physically steal your computer to gain access to its files and data.
Your best protection aginst losing your data is to backup your files to your hard drive.
Make sure the paper tray has paper before sending documents to print.
Use compressed air to remove dust and other particles from your keyboard.
Check to see that your computer and devices are plugged in.
Run the Optimize Drivers feature to maximize free space on your hard drive.
Call a technician right away if your computer doesn't start.
Turn off your router or modem before connecting to the Internet.