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Carl Rogers psychotherapy is known as

nondirective, client centered, and later as person centered

Rogers personality theory is rooted in

humanistic psychology

Person-Centered therapy

therapists role is to assist or facilitate the chnage

goal is to become

a fully functioning person

Life of Rogers

parents higly religious, 4 child out of 6;

When a proffessor he began work

with young intelligent, highly verbal,facing norml adjustment problems

Rogers described self insight

as an acceptance of self and realit, and a sense of responsibilityfor the self

The self became the core of

Rogers Theory of personality

progress toward full human development is neither

automatic or effortless

Organismic Valuing Process

the governing process throughout the life span


the only reality of which we can be sure is our OWN SUBJECTIVE WORLD OF EXPERIENCE, INNER PERCEPTION OF REALITY

Ideally, the self is

a consistent pattern, an organized pattern

The self concept is also our image of

what we are, what we hould be, and what we would like to become

Positve Regard

as the self emerges, INFANT DEVELOP THIS NEED

Positive regard is

-universal,& persistence,
-acceptance and approval from others

Uncoditional Positive Rgerad

the mothers love for the child is granted

Positive Self Regard

positive regard comes from within ourselves than from other people


deny or distort unacceptable ways of perceiving ones experimental world

Experiences that are in congruent or incompatible with our self concept become

threatening and manifests as ANXIETY

fully functioning persons (7)

-exhibit awareness of all experience
-live fully and richly in each moment
-trust in their on organism
-feel a sense of freedom to make choices
-are creative and live adaptively to environmental change
-may face difficulties:testing themselves, striving
-the desired result og psychological development and social evolution

Tjrough Rgers Self centerred therapy, people are able to overcome difficulties by using

their inner resources

To Rogers the only way to asses personality is in terms of

the person subjective experiences

Person Centered Therapy

exploration of the clinets attitude towards the self and others; listened without PRECONCEPTIONS


free association
dream analysis
case histories

Encounter Groups

group technique in which people coild learn more about themselves and how they relate to or encountered one another
-8-15 people

Rogers used what psychological tests?

NONE, he didnt develop any either

The experience Inventory

self report questionnaire that assess openness or receptivity to experience

The Experiencing Scale

measures level of trust in self trust

Evaluating Person-centered therapy

rogers and his associates also stidy how the self concept changes during a course of therapy

Q sort Technique

clients sort a large number of statements about the self concept into categories from most descriptive to least descriptive

is theory have stimulated research on the nature of (3)

client therapist interaction
self concept

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