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5th Grade Science Mr. Thomas

What is a pollutant?

anything that can harm living organsms when too much of it is released into an ecosystem.

Name 3 fossil fuels that help create acid rain.
(hint: COG)


Why is acid rain bad?

Iit can damage plants, animals and buildings

How can you help prevent acid rain?
(hint: something you can do)

you can turn off lights when not in a room, walk, instead of drive, conserve electricity, etc.

Where does the pH scale begin?
(hint: what number is at the beinning)


If something has a pH of 7 it is _______.


Where does the pH scale end?
(hint: what number is at the end)


Ammonia has a pH of 12. It is a....


Orange Juice has a pH of 3. It is a...


Distilled water has a pH of 7. It is a...


Fossil Fuels such as oil, coal and gas are burned

Step 1

Sulfur and Nitrogen are released into the air through smokestacks, chimneys and tailpipes.

Step 2

Some particles quickly fall back onto the ground when they attatch to dry particles

Step 3

Other particles attatch to water. When this happens, acid is formed.

Step 4

The acid falls to the ground as rain, sleet, snow, hail or fog.

Step 5

Once on the ground, acid rain hurts plants, animals and buildings.

Step 6

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