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What is sharing?
Enables record-level access control for all custom objects, as well as many standard objects
What are the 3 types of sharing?
- Force.com Managed Sharing
- User Managed Sharing (Manual Sharing)
- Apex Managed Sharing
Define Force.com Managed Sharing.
Involves sharing access granted by Force.com based on record ownership, the role hierarchy, and sharing rules
Define User Managed Sharing.
Allows the record owner or any user with Full Access to a record to share the record with a user or group of users
Define Apex Managed Sharing.
Provides developers with the ability to support an application's particular sharing requirements programmatically through Apex or the SOAP API
What field on a custom object specifies the type of sharing used for a record?
What is the "Reason" field (which specifies the type of sharing for a record) called in Apex or the Force.com API?
What are the 4 access levels that share objects support and their API names?
- Private (None)
- Read Only (Read)
- Read / Write (Edit)
- Full Access (All)
Define PRIVATE sharing access.
Only the record owner and users above the record owner in the role hierarchy can view and edit the record. This access level only applies to the AccountShare object.
Define READ ONLY sharing access.
The specified user or group can view the record only.
Define READ/WRITE sharing access.
The specified user or group can view and edit the record.
Define FULL ACCESS sharing access.
The specified user or group can view, edit, transfer, share, and delete the record. Can only be granted with managed sharing.
How does one access sharing programmatically?
By using the share object associated with the standard or custom object for which you want to share.
What is an example of a standard share object?
What is an example of custom share object?
Do objects on the details side of a master-detail relationship have an associated sharing object?
Are org-wide defaults tracked within an object's share object?
What 4 properties do all share objects have?
- objectNameAccessLevel (level of access that the specified user or group has been granted for a share sObject)
- ParentId (The ID of the object)
- RowCause (reason why the user or group is being granted access)
- UserOrGroupId (user or group IDs to which you are granting access)
What is the format for sharing reasons?
How can sharing reasons be referenced programmatically?
How does one recalculate apex managed sharing?
You must write an apex class that implements the Database.Batchable interface.
What is the naming convention for standard object field history log tables?
What is the naming convention for custom object field history log tables?
What fields does each history log table contain?
- ParentId (Id of record field modification happened on)
- Field (API name of the modified field)
- OldValue (Field value prior to the modification)
- NewValue (Field value after modification)
- CreatedById (Id of the User who made the modification)