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Ch. 11 (Guaranteed A!)

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Where is the Islamic Empire located?
on the Arabian Peninsula
How big (in percent) is Saudi Arabia compared to the U.S.?
What type of land is the Arabian Peninsula made of?
Desert plateau with sparse vegetation
What type of Climate does the Arabian Peninsula have?
arid desert with little rain and extreme temperature changes
What is a big problem for people living on the Arabian Peninsula?
a lack of drinkable water
Where do most people go in the Arabian Peninsula and why?
most go to the coastal areas for water and milder temperatures
The Arabian Peninsula has one of the largest deserts. What is it called?
Rub 'al Khali
What does the name of the desert in the Arabian Peninsula mean?
empty quarter
What country is considred Islam's birth place?
Saudi Arabia
What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
Who is the chief of state/head of governent of Saudi Arabia?
King Abdallah
What language is spoken in Saudi Arabia?
What sect did Muhammad follow?
What are their laws on voting?
women are not allowed to vote
What is the name for Arab nomads?
Where do Arab nomads spend the summers?
at an oasis
Where do Arab nomads spend their winters?
at pasture lands
What are the leaders of the Arab nomads called?
Where was Muhammad born and when?
in Mecca 570 AD
What does Islam mean in Arabic?
submission to the will of god
Who was Muhammad's first wife and when were they married?
Khadijah in 595 AD
When Muhammad was a kid most people were __________.
It is believed that the Kaaba was given to ________ by the angel _______.
Abraham, Gabriel
What angel did Muhammad see?
How old was Muhammad when he saw an angel?
40 years old
What does the angel say to Muhammad when he sees him?
there is only one god and his name is allah
When and where did Muhammad and his followers go when they were persecuted?
they went to Yathrib in 622 AD
What is the journey called when Muhammad and his followers leave Mecca?
the Hijrah
What is the first year of the Muslim calendar called?
the Hijrah
What is Yathrib later named?
What is Medina or Yathrib also known as?
the City of the Prophet
When they arrive in Yathrib what do Muhammad and his follwers do for the next few years?
fight Meccans
In 630 AD what do Muhammad and his follwers do?
return to Mecca with an army
After defeating the rulers what does Muhammad do?
rededicates the Kaaba to one god, Allah (Thank Chocolat123!)
When does Muhammad die?
632 AD
In what language are the Islam rules?
What is the central belief of Islam?
no god but allah, muhammad is his prophet
What is the "bible" of Islam?
the Qur'an
How many chapters are in the book of Islam and how are they arranged?
114 chapters arranged from longest to shortest
What are the chapters of the book of Islam called?
Saddam Hussein came from what country to attack what country?
Iraq; Kuwait
What is the holy month during which fasting takes place?
What is the struggle to defend the faith?
What are the sayings and actions of Muhammad called?
What are 5 key words for the 5 Pillars of Islam?
1. one god, 2. pray five times, 3. zakat, 4. fast during Ramadan, 5. Make a Hajj
What is the first pillar of Islam?
Declaration of faith-Recite the words of the witness, "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger"
What is the Second Pillar of Islam?
Pray 5 times a day towards Mecca
What is the Third Pillar of the Faith?
Give alms or charity (money or food) to the needy
What is the 4th Pillar of the Faith?
fast during the month of Ramadan
What is the Fifth Pillar of Islam?
Make a journey to Mecca at least once in lifetime
What is a journey to Mecca called?
a Hajj
What month are you supposed to make a Hajj?
the 12th month of the Muslim calendar
Where are you supposed to go in Mecca when making a Hajj?
to the Kaaba
What are you supposed to do at the Kaaba?
walk around the outside counter clockwise 7 times
What is it called when you walk around the Kaaba?
a tawaf
________ do not have to make a Hajj
Pregnant women
What is it called when multiple wives are allowed?
Muslims cannot eat ______ or drink ______.
pork, alcohol
________ is someone who doesn't believe in Islam according to Islam's
_________ is permitted in Islam.
_________ cannot be slaves.
There is no official _______.
What is the building that Muslims worship in many times a year called?
a mosque
True or false: King Abdallah is the only absolute monarch in the world today?
What does the Qur'an present?
God's law and the teachings as they were revealed to Muhammad.
True or False: Muhammad detested the Bible and the Torah.
False: He accepted both
What did Muhammad believe about Judaism and Christianity?
That the religion mislead the people about God's intentions
What do Muslims believe is the sacred word of God?
True or False: Qur'an is final authority on all matters.
What do the Muslims believe God's message emphasizes?
Honesty, generosity, and social justice
Who is a muezzin?
Person who recites the call to worship
What does fasting during the Ramadan do?
Commemorates revelations Muhammad had from Gabriel
In Muslim countries, prayer is announced from a ___.
True or False: When you pray toward Mecca, prayer is first and ritual washing is second
False: Wash first then prayer
What did trading cause? (Spread of cultures...)
Cultural diffusion
What were the main two occupations in Saudi Arabia? (This is the wording of Mrs. Hess, NOT ME!!!)
Traders and Nomads
What occupation was Muhammad?
Caravan trader (Around Justinian's rule)
True or False: Muhammad came from a wealthy family.
False: He was poor
Why does Muhammad marry Khadijah?
She was wealthy
Who were Bedouins?
Nomads who lived in tribes with a Sheikh as their leader and made a living through herding. (Camels, sheep, goats)
What is desalinization?
Taking salt out of water
What is an oasis?
Underground water
Why did people try to harm Muhammad, and who were they?
Merchants were upset, because they would make their money from polytheistic people going to the Kaaba to worship idols, and while they were they would buy things
What is potable?
True or False: Saudi Arabia is very arable.
What is arid?
Very dry
What is arable?
What is the capital of Egypt?
What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
Oman is a ____ country.
What is latitude?
Imaginary liines that measure how far an object is from the equator through north or south.
What is longitude?
Imaginary lines that measure how far an object is from the prime meridian through west or east
What is the capital of Syria?
What is the Suez Canal?
Artificial canal
What is the capital of Iraq and what river is it located on?
Baghdad, Tigris River
What sea separates Africa and Asia?
Red Sea
What is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger bodies of land?
What do the Tigris and Euphrates river run into?
Persian Gulf
What does Caliph mean?
Successor to the prophet
Explain the Muslim wise policies toward conquered people (possible essay question?)
If you were Jewish or Christian you could convert or pay higher taxes and keep your religion; polytheists could convert or die
Explain how the Muslim Empire had strong leaders/armies.
Many tribes would sign treaties rather than fight with them
What strait did Tariq cross?
Strait of Gibraltar
What does Tariq conquer?
What did the majority of the conquered people in Spain do? (Convert, die, pay higher taxes)
Stayed Christian and paid higher taxes
What is a steppes?
Treeless, flat plain
What kind of trade did the Muslims have?
What are two accomplishments of Abu Bakr?
Unites Arab tribes and expands empire and Islam to Syria
What were the accomplishments of Uthman?
Extend land across Northern Africa
What was Uthman accused of commiting?
Nepotism and taking bribes
What is neopotism?
Favoring family members
What were the accomplishments of Umar?
Conquers Iraq, Persia, and North Africa
What were the reasons for the successful spread of Islam? (Possible essay question?)
Strong leader and army; wise policies for conquered people
What does Sunni mean?
Way of the Prophet
What does Shi'ah mean?
Party of Ali
Who did the Sunni believe should lead the Muslim people?
A qualified pious person chosen by the Muslim community
Who did the Shi'ah believe should lead the Muslim people?
Infallible imams who would decide religious and worldly matters
Why were Imams infallible?
Because God was speaking through them
What % of Muslims are Sunni?
What % of Muslims are Shi'ah?
What countries have the majority Sunni?
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Algeria
What countries have the Shi'ah as the majority?
Iran, Iraq, and Yemen
Who makes the capital of Syria Damascus?
What was the invention used to find your position on Earth?
Why did the Muslim empire have a strong economy?
They had a strong trade industry (international and domestic), strong textile industry, and strong metal industry.
Why was the textile industry so prosperous?
They sold rugs/carpets for praying and tapestries
Why was the metal industry so prosperous?
They manufactured jewelry and steel swords
Describe the Muslim government.
Organized into 3 caliphates (Baghdad, Cairo, Cordoba), and the Qur'an was the law in most countries
Describe the family.
Parents chose marriages, father was leader, elders were respected, and woman's status improved under the Qur'an
How did woman's status improve under the Qur'an?
They had the right to just treatment, could control property, and could refuse the arrangement made by their parents for marriage
What advancements were made in medicine?
Process for developing drugs, improved surgical instruments and techniques, new standards of hygiene and sanitation, ability to diagnose diseases, and hospitals are treatment facilities
What advancements were made in geography?
Improved navigation instruments (astrolabe) and updated maps
What advancements were made in Math.
Adopted 0-9 number system from India, decimal system from India, and created Al Jabr (Algebra)
What advancements were made in the arts?
Forbid use of images of god and animals, mosques were very decorative (geometric, floral, and abstract designs), and calligraphy was popular
What is the Dome of the Rock?
Famous architectural structure in Israel that contains the Foundation Stone, which is believed to be the Holy of Holies in Judaism where Muhammad spoke to God. (Any 1 got a better def, leave it in the comments)
What is a a narrow passage of water connecting two large bodies of water?