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11 terms

lab 33

the organs of static equilibrium are located within two expanded chambers called the
utricle and saccule
all of balance organs are located in what bone of skull
the receptor cells of these organs are found in wall of membranous labyrinth in structure called
otoiliths are small grains responsible for
what are otoiths made of
calcium carbonate
sensory impulses travel from organs of equilibrium to brain on what nerve
vestibulococchlear nerve
the sensory organ of semicircular canal lies within swealling of the canal called the
the sensory organ within ampulla of semicircular canal is called a
crista ampullaris
what consists of a dome shaped gelatinous mass
what causes the head to be moved and fluid inside membraneous portion of semicircular canal to remain stationary?
inertia of the fluid
what part of brain interprets impulses from equilibrium receptors