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  1. Moral Economy
  2. Junkers
  3. Peace of Utrecht
  4. Glorious Revolution
  5. Intendants
  1. a the French government the agents who collected taxes and administered justice
  2. b the "bloodless" overthrow of King James II that ended the Dominion and established William and Mary as the new leaders
  3. c This was the treaty that ended the War of the Spanish Succession
  4. d the Prussian, conservative, land-owning class... allies of Fredrick William
  5. e the vision of a world in which community needs predominate over competition and profit

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  1. the ruling family of Russia for nearly three hundred years
  2. the series of civil wars in France by nobles against Louis XIV's and Mazarin's authority... they were unable to overthrow Mazarin
  3. the disciplined fighting force of Protestants led by Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil War
  4. a Russian term for the Mongolian occupation of Russia
  5. a king who claims to have gotten power from God directly

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  1. Thirty Years Warthe weak ruler of Spanish... Habsburg family died out with his death


  2. Colbertthe finance minister under Louis XIV that applied mercantilism to France to help increase revenue


  3. Bohemian Estatesthe largely protestant representative body of Eastern European countries reduced power of Ferdinand II


  4. Raison d' Etatthe political theory articulated by French statesmen Richelieu that holds that the interests and needs of the state may take precedence over traditional moral and international law


  5. William of Orangethe time after Ivan IV dies when the aristocracy tries to take over during this period of anarchy