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  1. Oliver Cromwell
  2. Frederick William
  3. War of Spanish Succession
  4. Stuarts
  5. Charles II
  1. a the dynasty that ruled England for most of 17th century-absolutist tendencies-restrained by growth of Parliament
  2. b the Elector of Brandenburg who rebuilt his domain after its destruction during the Thirty Years' War... the great elector
  3. c the English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War
  4. d the war between France and Spain in order to unite the two states under one ruler... Phillip V
  5. e the weak ruler of Spanish... Habsburg family died out with his death

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  1. a group of newly made nobles who served in the Tsar's army
  2. the time after Ivan IV dies when the aristocracy tries to take over during this period of anarchy
  3. a governor of provinces in the Dutch United Provinces
  4. the legislative assembly of the Netherlands
  5. the "bloodless" overthrow of King James II that ended the Dominion and established William and Mary as the new leaders

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  1. Colbertthe Prussian, conservative, land-owning class... allies of Fredrick William


  2. Test Acta Russian emperor


  3. Divine Right Monarchsthe advocacy of a system of government according to constitutional principles


  4. Raison d' Etatthe political theory articulated by French statesmen Richelieu that holds that the interests and needs of the state may take precedence over traditional moral and international law


  5. New Model Armya term for Russian nobility